The writer of this comedy had a dream just like this. It was a nightmare for him.


I went to sleep. Suddenly i woke up announcing a machine called the portal. It would put you in a movie or a TV show. Some random idiot put on How To Train Your Dragon. I was warped into it, and I turned 3D cartoony like. Suddenly, my pants had fallen, and Astrid, being a girl, wolf whistled me, and I pulled up my pants again. Embarrassed, I tried to get out of the TV, but could not.


I decided to train a Dragon, being stuck in this forever. I chose a Monstrous Nightmare, but it ripped off my pants, and Astrid wolf whistled me again. Angry, I stole her diary, but Hiccup told her and she chased me like a Cheetah chases an Antelope. She caught me, and threw me into her room. She wasn't furious, she was amused. She laughed and I got out the window. However, I fell off a cliff, and there was no hospital. My leg was broken and my skull cracked. I woke up (NOT IRL) and saw Toothless licking me. My new pants were heavy and easily fell, then Astrid you-know-what me. I was furious in anger and threw her out the window off a cliff. She only got an injured arm.


I was fed to Toothless, who snapped my legs, then jumped on me and ate me, then I woke up.