Amber the Fearless
Amber the Fearless
The color's not very good, but...
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 14 (in FfB)
Dragon Warriorwing
Basic Info
Weapon of Choice Throwing knives
Occupation Warrior, dragon trainer
Owner Heather the dragon rider
Amber the Fearless is a 14-year-old Viking girl who appears in Far from Berk.

Physical Appearance

Amber has carrot-red hair in a braid on her left shoulder, with bangs on one side of her face, freckles, and brown eyes. She wears a helmet with two small horns on it, and a black top over green long-sleeves with a patch on the right elbow. She has one shoulder guard on her right shoulder, and two belts crossing her chest with a bird skull on them. Her skirt is made of layered fur, and her green-brown pants have a patch in the left knee. Her boots are brown, with black leather strips wrapped around them and light brown fur tops.




Amber met Hiccup in Far from Berk.


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