Armoured Spiketail
Toothless99 Armoured Spiketail




Large - 10 metres long


Spiked tail, Teeth, Fire



Armoured Spiketails are formidable enemies, with spikes, teeth and fire to use as weapons. Their armour is almost impenetrable, but their flanks are vulnerable and unarmoured. Their fire attacks are very hot and dangerous, which is why the jaws are armoured. They have a bony ridge above their eyes. It turns red in the mating season, signalling sexual maturity. The spikes on their tail aren't ideal weapons, but can cut into flesh with little difficulty.

They aren't very good flyers, due to the fact that their wings are small compared to their body size. The wings also aren't very well-jointed, causing limited flexibility. For these reasons, it prefers hunting on the ground.

In the wild, it will prey on small dragons like the Lesser-Spotted Squirrelserpent, or the Red-Hot Itchyworm, as it has evolved to be immune to their attacks. When dragon food is scarce, it has been known to hunt Semi-Spotted Snowpeckers.


The Armoured Spiketail will appear in The Dragon Tournament.

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