Astrid Hofferson
CoB Astrid
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 15
Dragon Stormfly (riding dragon)
Basic Info
Residence Berk
Affiliations Hooligans
Weapon of Choice Axe
Occupation Warrior
Owner Heather the dragon rider
Astrid is a Viking girl of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe, love interest and later girlfriend of Hiccup. She rides a Deadly Nadder named Stormfly.


Astrid is a tall, slim girl with blond hair, braided in the back and bangs covering one eye. Her eyes are icey blue and she wears a helmet with two short horns, a green shirt, a red skirt with spikes ans bird skulls decorating it, blue leggings, and dark brown boots with light brown fur tops. She has spiked metal shoulder guards fastened with small skulls, and light brown arm wraps. She carries a plain axe with a leather strip wrapped around the handle.

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