Chapter One A Discovery Of The Fittest

It was a typical morning.The sun's beauty shining through Blade's window, Spike slowly waking up from her pretty dreams and Blade stretching her arms wide and yawing. It was an ordinary day, or so it seemed.

Blade climbed out of bed. Spike steadily got up and flapped her wings. " Hey girl, You sleep well? " Spike answered with a caw and nodded happily. Blade walked down stairs and got out some fish and chicken. She cut the fish and roasted it then served Spike some chicken. Once they had finished they're morning meal, Spike hinted at Blade to go for a fly. Spike bounced up and down like a bundle of joy ( which she was ) and Blade said "Alright girl lets go let me just get my bow and arrow." With that Blade and Spike were off. Flying speedily through the crisp air.

The frosty morning air caressed Blades soft cheeks. They dip and dived and twirled and swirled. " Nice job girl." Blade praised Spike. Spike, being the proud dragon she was, could not help feeling smug at that moment. She tried her best not to show it and failed terribly. They maneuvered through glaciers. Passing by castles of sparkling ice. It was beautiful, but being a viking something beautiful does not always stay beautiful. In the world Blade lived she had to be on the look out for trouble. She had to never be off guard.

As they flew through the frost wonderland Blade spotted a shadow in the ice. "That can't be right" Spike flew up closer. Blade could hardly make out what it was. It had an odd shape and was quite large,dragon large. "Spike slow burn girl, just enough so we can make it out. Thats it girl, easy now." What Blade and Spike saw was filling them with fear and eagerness. Blade could not tell if she was scared or excited."Thats a, Skrill."

Chapter Two An overwhelm of Curiosity

Blade didn't know what to do. If she left to go get the others the Skrill might escape now that the ice was thinner, but if she stayed there they might be waiting forever. "I will send a terror mail to Berk" Blade concluded. "That way we can get help while keeping an eye on the Skrill." Spitfire flew out heading straight for Berk and Hiccup and Astrid's hut.

While waiting Blade tried to examine the Skrill without disturbing the ice. She could tell it was an Adult. She noticed a small wound on its back. It looked like it was made from an arrow. Blade could not assume anything yet. The Skrill was still in the ice and hard to see.

After what seemed like hours of waiting finally Hiccup and Astrid finally arrived."We got your terror mail." Hiccup said."Is it really a Skriil?" he questioned. "Well, yes, from what I can see. Its body shape and size are exactly like a Skrill. Its a adult and there is a small wound on its back." Hiccup flew closer. He was clearly captivated with curiosity. "Yep it's a Skrill alright." he turned around. Astrid's face clearly stated not-another-Hiccup-Skrill-adventure. Hiccup knew that but ignored it. Nothing as great as a Skrill could be ignored. "Let's get it out and fly it back to the academy.

Chapter Three The Dragon Hunters Trade

Now whilst those events were occurring there were some other significant affairs. Viggo and Ryker were"So you really think this will work."

"I am positive, once the dragon riders find that Skrill they will have no choice but to remove it."

"And if they don't?"

"Trust me big brother, they will." If you did not know Viggos dragon Hunter army was going down in numbers. Viggo had come in contact with this Skrill earlier and soon when he realised he could not catch it he froze it in a glacier near by Berk so the dragon riders would dig it out. Once he had word that they had Viggo would attack Berk steal the Skrill and sell it the improve his army.

"How many Hunters did you send out there."

"Only two. They shall send us a terror mail when the riders have removed it we shall attack."

"But we don't have many hunters left Viggo..."

"Shh. Terror Mail."

"What is it?"

"Let's just say we are heading straight for Berk. Ryker."

"READY THE SHIPS!" hunters started gathering weapons and ammo. Readying catapults. Soon they on the sea. Heading straight for Berk.

Chapter Four Gone with a Trace

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