Blitz Splitter

Blitz Splitter

Species Blitz Splitter
Class Mystery
Trainability Untrusting
Basic Info
Size Medium
Wingspan 40 feet
Fire Power 20
Shot-Limit 20
Attack 17
Speed 18
Armor 11
Special Ability Blitz Burst


Cryogel This dragon shoots a Dark blue gel colder than glacier island, the gel is strong and elastic and prevents any dragon from escaping its clutches, as this dragon is untrusting of all dragons and people it meets it often kills prey seconds after encountering them

Blitz burst The dragon releases a strange propellant which launches it at a speed 3 times faster than a night fury and leaves an aurora like trail behind it and it produces a large sonic boom capable of rendering any dragon following it flightless


This dragon prefers cold climates full of vegetation which is why It made a home on the perilous 'Blitz island' an island covered in snow ice and a lot trees, where a raging snow storm covers the island in ice for most of the year and this dragon species surprisingly loves the storm and spends hours at a time running around in the snow

Feeding Habits

This dragon strangely prefers to eat mushrooms that are found on its native island, this mushrooms are sweet in taste and thrive in cold climates making them perfect for this dragon

Natural predators

This dragon has one known predator, nothing much is known about this dragon's predator however only that it hunts in packs and never fails to kill its prey

Page and dragon by Asukaplays

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