Bluestar Ngome (Called Bluey by friends) is a citizen of the city Bleeding. He is the rider of the dragon named Trident.


Bluestar is 17 years old. About a month after he was born, someone decided to push his mother off the cliff of Bleeding, so he was raised by his dad. Later in life, he and his friends met their dragons. Trident and him instantly cared for each other... (more will be written about it when I have more ideas)

Bluestar is well-known around Bleeding. He has been best friends with Wolfface Jian Heixing for years, and they have a little group together with Telav, Tigerstripe, and them two. Bluestar is very sociable and he has a lot of self-confidence. He is taken seriously by most of the people he meets. He doesn't speak much (Wolfface is the loud one of the group), but when he does say something, it is normally worth saying.


Bluestar has dark black skin. His head is bald, he doesn't like it long. His most noticiable feature is is sapphire blue eyes. Most of the time he will wear a sleeveless white shirt and long cowskin pants with the spots dyed blue. He always wears his blue star necklace everywhere he goes.


  • Bluestar is named after a character from the Warriors book series.
  • Bluestar also appears on several fanons, like the Hunger Games and Conworld.

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