Brening isen

Brenning isen

The Brenning Isen (meaning burning ice) is a dragon closely related to the Scauldron, which can exert extreme temperatures on water to use as an attack, but unlike the Scauldron, it uses extreme cold rather than extreme heat.

Breath Power

Brening isen 2

An early rendition of a Brenning Isen

The Brenning Isen is one of the only dragons that can actually breath Ice, though usually it generates icicles and launches them at its foes. Even if the icicles of the Brenning Isen do not successfully impale their target, they can still cause frostbite.


The Brenning Isen is a carnivorous dragon and favors large marine prey, freezing the water around them then dragging their icy coffins back to the Brenning Isen's lair to be eaten later.

The Brenning Isen lives in the far north, nesting in icebergs or glaciers and digging out caves to live in. Brenning Isens can usually only be found near the north pole, but their iceberg homes may float near human settlement before melting.


  • The Brenning Isen's claws can grow around 2 feet, 6 inches, and they secrete dry ice particles upon tearing into prey, allowing them to cause the blood to freeze, which can be highly fatal.
  • The Brenning Isen has an extremely high cold tolerance, and is resistant to venom to a lesser extent.