Bubbling Snapjaw
Bubbling Snapjaw
Species Bubbling Snapjaw
Class Tidal
Trainability Yes
Basic Info
Size Medium
Fire Power Bubble froth
Special Ability Disguises itself in bubble froth so that prey won't notice it until it's too late
The Bubbling Snapjaw is a Tidal Class dragon that behaves like a crocodile.


This dragon appears very similar to a crocodile, with a long, flattened head filled with sharp teeth. It also has a fin-like tail to propel itself through the water. This dragon has two large wings in order to fly and power itself through the water.


This dragon can fly, though it usually prefers to swim. This dragon is an extremely good swimmer, able to swim for miles to look for its prey. This dragon eats small to medium-sized fish, as its mouth is too small and thin to eat large fish.


This dragon's skin can create a secretion that it covers itself with when hunting. This secretion looks exactly like bubble froth, giving this dragon its name. The froth acts like a disguise, so that its prey won't see it. When prey swims too close to the froth disguise, the dragon lunges out of the froth and captures its prey.


  • This dragon is actually concept art for Toothless.

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