My second HTTYD Fan fiction series to be published online, A New Era takes places in an alternate reality where in 2012 the world is brought to it's knees when the global economy collapses causing tensions across the world to explode into open conflict as nations struggle to survive in a rapidly changing geopolitical landscape including the United States where tensions between the Republican and Democratic Parties have exploded into all-out civil war after both parties refused to compromise with each other to create a economic stimilus plan to help lift the country out of the depression and in the flames of this conflict, a new political party is born, the American Peoples' Party who has sworn to unite the country by destroying both the Republicans and Democrats, who both launch retaliatory attacks in the Spring of 2013 to destroy it after it seizes control of the only three states who had choosen to remain neutral where the APP and it's forces give the Republicans and Democrats a much harder fight than they ever expected causing them to resort to underhanded tactics such as attacking civilians and firebombings. 

But suddenly came a phenenom known as "The Flash" when a bright flash of green changed the world forever when it brought it the dragons of the HTTYD Universe into the skies of the world as well as the Isle of Berk and it's habitants who quickly find themselves in the middle of the event that will determine the fate of the United States and the world; The Battle of Cape Girardeau.

However A New Era will also go beyond the Second Civil War and the United States to explore the effects that upheavel and the appearance of dragons have on the world that will eventually become known as the Coalition Verse 

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