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Monstrous Nightmare as seen in "How to Train Your Dragon.

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Fireworm is a monstrous nightmare. She is the "leader" of her group. She is one of the dragons in the "How to Train Your Dragon" series.

Mate: Bonekappep.

Son: Nighty Monstrous Nightmare.

Friend: Taco the chihuahua pug.

Colors: Red and white with black spots.

Armed with : Ability to ignite her own body into flames. 20

Defenses : Nightmares don't need defenses. 2

Radar : None. 0

Poison : Her bite is slightly poisonous. 3

Hunting Ability : Amazing to watch.10

Speed : Faster than most other dragons. 7

Fear and Fight Factor : Her appearance makes her extremely scary and intimidating, and her fighting skills are above average. 10

Other Interesting Facts:

Fireworm has the longest tail of any dragon in her group, at 20 feet in length.

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