Quartz and Crystal
Species Gronckle
Gender Female
Rider None (wild)
Residence Dragon Island
Blue with white underbelly
Eye Color
Ownericon Owner

Crystal is a Gronckle who lives on Dragon Island along with her rival and mate, Quartz.


Crystal was seen fighting Quartz while the Dragon Riders were training on Dragon Island, before being distracted by quartz crystals.

The two were later seen to have mated and laid a nest of eggs, of which Crystal was fiercely protective. When a group of wild boars arrived to try to eat the eggs, Crystal, with the help of Quartz and the Dragon Riders, were able to fend off the boars and protected the eggs. The eggs soon hatched, meaning that Crystal and Quartz now had a family together.


  • Both Crystal and Quartz are based off the two Gronckles battling in The Night and The Fury, who both had an affinity for quartz crystals, which is where their names come from.
  • To avoid confusion between the two, Crystal is the blue Gronckle on the right side of the image.

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