Species Slicesnout
Gender Male
Rider None (tamed by Hiccup)
Residence Thor's Shear Island, Dragon's Edge (temporarily)
Green with some orange on wings and some black on feet and end of tail
Eye Color
Ownericon Owner

Dicer is an adolescent male Slicesnout who was returned to Thor's Shear Island while still in his egg.


While Dicer was still in his egg, he was blown from his nest by a gust of wind and drifted off onto the shores of a nearby island. His egg was found by Fishlegs, and a mission was launched by the Dragon Riders to try to bring the egg back. However, the irate mother Slicesnout, Mama S, was furious upon seeing the group with the egg, and stopped them from returning the egg. Using Snotlout as a distraction, the Riders were able to distract Mama S long enough to return the egg and then saved Snotlout. Soon after they left, Dicer and the rest of the eggs hatched into young Slicesnouts.

Later on, the Riders encountered Dicer, Mama S, and his family again. They had arrived on Dragon's Edge due to a large steam eruption in the center of Thor's Shear Island. By this point, Dicer and his siblings were all adolescents. Together with the Riders, Dicer and his family were able to stop the steam eruption before it got to serious, and returned to Thor's Shear Island with his family.

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