Dovahzol is a zombie dragon that has a strong interest in necromancy.


Dovahzol lived a long time ago and was able to obtain immortality. However his body ages over time slowly so he is missing scales, spikes, teeth and skin on his body. His wings have been tathered over the years and his eyes glow a bright green. His head is a massive dragon skull. His scales are a maroon color with black and purple markings. The inside of his mouth also glows green and smoke comes out of the holes in his body and he'll drippe blood everywhere he goes.

Dovahzol is a unique dragonm because he can speak the language of the humans as well as preform magic. He has used magic from alchemy to keep himself alive all these years.


Davohzul lived a long time ago and is somehow still alive. He was born before the first humans settled on the isles of Berk and Skaal and long before the rule of the Red Death. Davohzol was able to resist the Red Death's dominance and flew to the island of Skaal where he made his lire in one of the nearby islands. Dovahzol has remained their every since studying the magic of necromancy.


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