Appearance: Drake has medium black hair, and hazel eyes and is about 5,9. He has tan skin and a medium build. He is always seen carrying his bow and wooden granite tipped arrows. He also has a extremley noticibale scar that runs diagonally from the bottom of his chin to the bottom of his right eye. 

Clothing: Drake wears a short sleeve tunic with black pants and thick boots made of a combination of dragon scales and animal fur. He also has small wristbands made of dragon scales that shimmer in the sun. In the winter he wears a long fur cloak with a hood and yak fur boots. In summer he wears a gray linen shirt with loose blue cotton pants and hand-made sandals. His armor is made out of dragon scales and leather. He has metal paddings and chest armor designed with purple and blue stripes and dragons.

Personality: Drake is kind of hot headed. He doesn't really think about the consequences of his actions before it's too late especially when he faces his new foe. He is protective and makes rash decisions but out of all, he is great too have in a battle.

Backstory: Being a roamer and an orphan Drake travels a lot. He was first stuck to one island name Kraz but in the story he meets the rest of the team on different islands with the help of his dragon Skar.

Dragon: Skar is Drake's dragon. He is a green Sly dragon covered with blue and yellow stripes that can flash tempararily blinding his enemies. Skar is relatable to Drake as both have been outcasts. Skar follows Drake around wherever he goes without hesistation and is the first dragon to charge into battle and the last one to leave.

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