The Ebony Dragon is a huge black dragon.It is not a cousin of the smaller Ebony Wyvern despite its name


Ebony Dragons are black in coloration.They are a subspecies of the sthereotipycal European Dragon.They have sturdy built bodys with hollow bones,bat-like leathery wings,a large head with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth,horns in the head and over the nose,a long neck and a long muscular tail ended on a triangle-shaped fan as well as ivory spikes running down their spine.The over body is black,while the lower body is purple but sometimes blue.Ebony Dragons hunt prey like large mammals,large birds,large reptiles,large amphibians,large fish and even smaller dragons.They walk on four legs and have long claws used for grasping and holding.Their eyes glow in the dark,and have a perfect sense of smell and eyesight.Ebony Dragons breathe a stream of purple,and,sometimes blue,fire.Their fire is powerful and can set a small portion of the forest in fire.Ebony Dragons achieve average speed when flying.

Ebony Dragons are somewhat difficult to tame and train,but when tamed and trained correctly,they are great companions and fabolous pets as well as loyal and reliable.