Euphoria is a female Thunderdrum and the dragon of Nathan


Euphoria is a black Thunderdrum with rainbow spots. She is quite vocal and is attrached to sounds. She is very good at minicing patterns she hears. Nathan likes to teach her different songs. Euphoria is very protective on her rider Nathan as well as the other members of her group. She can be a little rash at times. 


Euphoria was rather easy to tame. All Nathan had to do was sing her a song and she began to minic the rhythme of his voice. Nathan also fed her some food he had and thens he was his dragon. One of the easiest dragons for the group to tame as well as one of the first. However it took a while for Nathan and Euphoria to get the hang of things, working together. Once Euphoria was trained and saddled, Nathan and the gang encountered a Monsterous Nightmare, who would later be named Firewing. Euphoria used her booming voice to stund the dragon knocking him off a cliff. Leo felt bad for the dragon because they had started him and helped to care for the injured Firewing. Since then Euphoria and Firewing have had no ill will between each other. 


  • Euphoria means a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

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