&nbsp Dreganaught is about to face Fatal Claw in an epic battle of blood, flesh and shards of burning metal! Written by JPT and Raptor51.


Dreganaught is flying in the sky. Suddenly, he is attacked by a black Dragon. He thinks it's a Night Fury, but no. It's a Fatal Claw! The FC bites off a piece of Dreganaughts right wing, causing flying difficulty. Then, he spits acid at Dreganaughts faceplate, melting the eyes and destroying his face. Now blind, Dreganaught is confused and hopelessly tries to kill Fatal Claw with his arm blade. However, Fatal Claw spis acid at the blade, making it useless. The fight is getting intense as Dreganaught finally shoots Fatal Claw with a missle that blows off half of Fatal Claws tail, but the wound is not mortal. To be continued...