Fincutter is a Sword Stealer and the dragon of Hijack

Species Sword Stealer
Gender Male
Rider Hijack
Basic Info
Residence Frost Fall
Affiliations Formerly Ragnarok
Owner Aniju Aura


Fincutter is a silver and grey Sword Stealer with maroon checker board markings on his wings and tail. His mouth glows purple unlike other Sword Stealers. He hasn't been fully tamed and is a bit untrusting of others due to his time with Ragnarok. Fincutter isn't too bonded with his rider but he puts up with Hijack and looks after him because it is more benefiting to stay with the human. He also enjoys the random metals Hijack may find. 


Fincutter was captured by Ragnarok and forced to help in raids. He like many of the other dragons spent his time in a cage with many other dragons, or pulling the ships when there was unfavorable winds. During the invasion, Fincutter was one of the dragons that fell under Dante's control after he used his Bend Will Shout on the flock of dragons. All of Frost Fall dragons returned and several of Ragnarok's dragons were left behind including Fincutter. He took to the wild now freeded and attempted to live on his own. Sword Stealers were not native to the island of Skaal however he managed on his own. While out hunting, Hijack spotted him and decided to make Fincutter into his dragon. Hijack, not really knowing how to bond with a dragon didn't attempt to train Fincutter. Despite this, it was easier to live with Hijack and Fincutter found a place safe from the harsh colds and had plenty of food. He just had to put up with Hijack's antics. 


  • Fincutter is named after two characters from the Game of Thrones games by Telltale Games. 

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