Fishlegs is the expert on knowledge from the Book of Dragons and the rider of a Gronkle named Meatlug.

Fishlegs Ingerman
Fishlegs Ingerman
Fishlegs as he appears in the movie
Race Human
Gender Male
Dragon Meatlug
Basic Info
Residence Berk
Affiliations Hairy Hooligans Tribe
Weapon of Choice Gronckle Iron
Occupation Expert on Dragon knowledge
Nicknames Piglegs and Wolflegs
Voice By Christopher Mintz-Plasse


Fishlegs can best be described as a big and clumsy character. Although he is very large, his bravery does not exactly match his sizing. Fishlegs is someone who seeks knowledge rather than actual fighting time. He has a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to dragons, being able to spout out dragon statistics at a moment’s notice throughout training sessions.

Later, Fishlegs comes to bond with Meatlug, the Gronckle, and is taught how to fly dragons by Hiccup. As a result, his understanding of dragons helps build the new bond between Vikings and dragons. Fishleg’s impressive dragon knowledge allows the Vikings and dragons to defeat the Red Death by identifying its weaknesses and strengths, just from looking at and analyzing the dreadful and scary dragon. 

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