Flameflare is Flameflare the Strikeshifter's main OC. Do not copy or edit in any way or form.


Flameflare is a young male Stormcutter/Night Fury hybrid. He is blue with red and orange "scribbles" all over his scales. His underbelly is a fiery orange, as well as the spikes along his back, tail, and elbows. His eyes are orange-yellow.


While Flameflare is a hybrid, he is not overpowered. He can breathe small orange plasma blasts and is rather fast. He is still learning how to use echolocation. However, he is annoying to other dragons, and doesn't have very many friends.


Flameflare's mother was a Stormcutter, and his father was a Night Fury. He lived with his mother in the Stormcutter clan, but he was abandoned soon after hatching. His mother tried to get him back but was killed. Flameflare fled to his father's clan, and for a while they accepted him, but he was kicked out after turning one year old.

Now Flameflare lives in Berk.

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