Ghost Four-Wings

Ghost-Four Wings Dragon

The Ghost-Four wings dragon is a very rare and dangerous dragon, known to crush bones of any animal or person in its way. It is very aggressive but is also loyal and honourable, it doesn't harm or hurt any animals or people not worth fighting.


Size- Slightly Larger than a Night Fury, smaller than a Deadly Nadder

Scale color/s- Dark grey (for females),Pale Grey (for males) and before maturity (3 years) their male or female colors with white patches like clouds

Special Species Features- Two sets of wings, large ears and (not seen in the picture) a small club-like tail

Strengths- Very stealthy, Fast and fire abilities

Fire- Massive Fireball or huge explosion (hurts the dragon's throat so can't do it very often) ;

Weakness- Cannot see very well in bright light(This is also why the Ghost-Four Wings is a Partial nocturnal dragon)

Known Ghost-Four Wings- Skya (female, 5 years old)

Known riders

Tora Locke