Green Thunder
Green Thunder
Species Green Thunder
Class Strike
Trainability Yes
Basic Info
Size Medium
Fire Power Explosive lightning shots
Shot-Limit 10
Special Ability Shoots lightning that explodes whatever it comes in contact with, shares other abilities with a normal Skrill
The Green Thunder is a Strike Class dragon and a subspecies of the Skrill with explosive lightning shots.


The Green Thunder is very similar to a Skrill in appearance. Like a Skrill, it has a long body and tail with two legs and two large wings. Each wing has a single large wing claw on it. The Green Thunder has a crown of spikes on the back of its head. True to its name, it is green in color, although it does have some red spots near its back and wings.


Like the Skrill, the Green Thunder is secretive and reclusive, rarely venturing far from its territory. While usually peaceful, its temperament will change to much more violent if it is disturbed. However, once trained, the Green Thunder is able to control these violent tendencies and become a loyal ally.


The Green Thunder shares most of its abilities with the Skrill. Like the Skrill, it can ride lightning and can survive being frozen for long periods of time. The main difference between the two is their fire type. While the Green Thunder still fires lightning, its shots are explosively charged. When these lightning shots strike a target, the target is instantly blown to pieces. The Green Thunder can control the strength of these blasts in order to control the explosion. It uses small explosions to hunt prey, while it uses bigger explosions to fight enemies.


Like the Skrill, the Green Thunder can't shoot lightning if it is in the water.

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