Horned Tantrum
Horned Tantrum
Species Horned Tantrum
Class Tracker
Trainability Yes
Basic Info
Size Large
Fire Power Normal fire shots
Shot-Limit 6
Special Ability Short, stout horn on its head that it uses to charge opponents
The Horned Tantrum is a Tracker Class dragon with a horrible temperament.


This dragon stands on two legs, as it has no front legs. It has massive wings and a long tail that ends in two, fin-like sections. It has a short, stout horn on its head.


This dragon is extremely temperamental, making it among the hardest to train of all dragons. It is often seen charging at anything that crosses its path. It is even known to shove other dragons out of their nests and take them over, claiming them as their new home. Though it rarely does this, it occasionally can fly and charge at the same time.


As a Tracker Class dragon, it has a really good sense of smell, letting it track food or anything else it needs to find. It is also extremely strong, seen by the fact that it is almost impossible to stop once it has started charging. It has a short, stout horn on its nose, which it uses to charge at its opponents.


  • This dragon is actually concept art for Toothless.

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