Ice Illusion
An ice illusion
Species Ice Illusion
Class Strike
Trainability Yes
Basic Info
Size Medium
Wingspan 5ft
Fire Power 15
Shot-Limit 10
Attack 12
Speed 20
Armor 1
Special Ability Can shoot water which solidifys into un breakable ice, its wings aren't actually a solid item, just a bunch of water specially moulded into the shape of a wing and is still functioning, Its saliva can cure colds.
Basic Information:

-The ice illusion can spray its victims with water, and in under 2 Minutes, their victim freezes to death, only the bite of its venom can bring the person/dragon, back to life.

-Their wings aren't an actual solid object, insted their wings are made of water which is sculpted to form a still functioning wing!

-Although not many images have been seen, the ice illusion is belived to be roughly the size of a skrill, roughly 1800 pounds, and eats ice (fish) and does not have the weakness of eel.


-Two medium length ice spikes grow from just above the eye.

-A usual eye coloration is blue, greys, whites, greens or yellow.

-Two large 5ft water wings on its back.

-Usually has white, grey, pale blue or silver scales, white, silver or blue underbellys and neon blue spikes running down its spine and tail.

-Looks like a cross between a Nightfury, Polar bear, Bewilderbeast and a snow leopard.

-Makes a loud screeching noise similar to that of a skrill+nightfury.

Habitat & Diet:

-Eats ice, fish, eel and berries.

-Some live on 'Glacier Island', and mainly cold and icy areas.

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