The Inferno Breath is one of the rarest Stoker/Boulder Class dragons ever. Only found on two islands. This dragon has five heads each having a different personality like siblings, unlike regular dragons the female is larger than the male. The breath weapon of this dragon is very unusual. First it eats many, many small stones, then heats them up in its mouth with powerful fire, then spits them all out at once in a cyclone-like fashion, sometimes they enter a dragons mouth, rendering their fire useless or they can combine the pebbles into a stream of fire like a machine gun. They also have a regular fire blast which is not as powerful but is useful when they run out of pebbles. The pebbles are stored in huge pouches in there cheecks.

Appearance The Inferno Breath again has five heads. They can be found in three colors although the first two colors are rare. They can be found in a purple color with orange streaks going down their bodies, a yellow blue color with blue streaks, and a reddish orange with yellow streaks. The inferno breath has sharp spines going down its back like a Whispering Death, and a tail with a venomous spiral that makes it hard to approach.

Intelligence The inferno breath is intelligent, it can tell right from wrong (but this is sometimes biased on how it was trained, or if it was trained. They can have a form of symbiosis with other tiny dragons called, "Stonemites" who work with the Infernobreath in its breath weapon.

Other Abilities Can roll into a ball and make a spiky wheel that can smash wood. Has armored skin like a Red Death.

Toothless is the only dragon who has ever used the stones as a weapon, combining it with his jaw strength he made them into a ball and shot it back at Queen Vulca's Infernobreath "Corona" who was then imprisoned.

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