The Jewel Strike is a rare but beautiful Dragon. Only one is a Trained Dragon while the others are wild.


Jewel Strike

Jewel Strike

can become very large. There Scale colors very, from rainbow, to a few colors. They are all glimmer-y or shiny in some way.


They personality of a Jewel Strike can very, to how it is raised. It can be influenced easily. So watch out how you train one, if you find one (in the wild) to train.


  • POWERS: Gem Strike, Diamond Shield, Opal Blast
  • ABILITIES: Amazing Speed, Agility, Sharp Point Turns
  • FIRE: A Rainbow-Sparkle Fire, Can Either Heal or Kill

Known Dragons

Stardust- Rider: Aurora Mist

Known Riders

Amora Mist- Dragon: Stardust

BREED OF DRAGON CREATED BY SONGCLOUD. Pleas Ask before using this breed in a story or fan Page thing! =D

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