Leviathan is a Scauldron and his rider is Treva.

Species Scauldron
Gender Male
Rider Treva Vellmark
Basic Info
Residence Frost Fall
Affiliations Ivory Clan
Fire Power 14
Attack 10
Speed 6
Owner Aniju Aura


Leviathan has the appearance as any regular Scauldron. He is huge with deep blue scales. Appears slow and dimwitted, however he is actually quite clever and patient, with a sense of humor.

Like all Scauldrons, Leviathan can spit boiling hot water by using his fire, and can dive to extreme depths. However, due to his size, Leviathan is slow on land.


Leviathan had been untrainable for years, and had been seen fishing around the waters of Skaal. He refused to be tamed by any of the inhabitants of Frost Fall, yet a friend dragon often helped the fishermen gather fish and was seen with other trained Scauldrons. One day, he witnessed Treva jump into a stormy sea to save a drowning boy, swepped over board a boat. Leviathan came to the rescue, saving them both from drowning. He thought Treva's selfless act was of good quality and thus chose her to be his partner.


  • Leviathan is named after a mythical beast.

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