They were created when a genetic mutation occured in the black color gene of the Night Fury. Over time, purebred Light Furies were produced, so now they are their own species with some very special traits.


Light Furies are under the Mystery Class because of one reason: they glow like flightmares. Their glow has been described as a "Bright, almost tangeable kind of light." by Hiccup. It is still undiscovered how they do this.

Breath Power

Light Furies have incredibly hot fire that can melt virtually anything.


Speed: 10. They are very fast.

Hunting Ability: These Dragons have an excellent hunting ability.

Poison: 0. They have none.

Fear Factor: 10. Light Furies are terribly fierce when provoked, and it is relatively easy to do this. If you don't aggitate them, however, they won't attack you, they'll just eye you curiously.

Ease of Training: 8. They are very hard to train.

Size: They are about one foot shorter in length than the Night Fury.

Colors: They come in many different pastel shades, but their main color is white. All Light Furies have yellow spots lining the side of their body and part of their wings.

Appearance: They have the same body as the Night Fury, but with the specifications above.

Weakness: They have been known to let their curiosity get the better of them.

Interesting Fact: They are one of the rare dragons red body opposite to a night fury like toothless in how to train your dragon 2. Their bodies only light up when they have unlocked the power to protect. Only a female can have a light fury

(All numbered statistics are on a scale of one to ten: ten being the highest and one being the lowest.)

Appearance in FanFic Books

Light Fury female, named Sunshine, appears in the wattpad fanfic book Hiccup and Toothless: Mystery of the Fury, where the gang firstly encounters her and in the end solves the mystery of the dragons. Toothless and Sunshine are complete opposite of each other, being furious with one another at first, but it turns out that they have a special bond between each other, so they can't live without one another. In the end, Sunshine is shown as the female alpha, loving being free - without a rider, but she still shares a bond with Hiccup and loves flying together with the gang. She and Toothless become a couple, and are bonded as the black and white circle, Yin and Yang.

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