Species Lionscale
Class Stoker
Trainability Yes
Basic Info
Size Medium to large
Fire Power Bright, hot fire
Special Ability Special scales that can inflate to form a lion-mane-like structure, fire that is so hot that it can change metals into other metals for its food, able to light itself on fire.
The Lionscale is a Stoker Class dragon with extremely hot fire and inflating neck scales.


The Lionscale is bright orange in color with two huge wings. It has four legs and a long tail. It has a long neck with special scales that can inflate into a lion-mane-like structure. Its head has two, small, orange eyes, a longer upper jaw than lower jaw, and several, small, sharp teeth inside the mouth. Its head, body, wings, and tail all have several, small, orange spikes jutting off of them. Its body is almost constantly glowing with a warm hue, as if lava was burning beneath its scales.


The Lionscale is a pack-living species, with several individuals often gathering in specific places and forming colonies. While they can eat any variety of metal, they overwhelmingly prefer rarer metals, as they taste better to them. Fortunately, the dragon's hot fire is able to convert ordinary metals into rarer metals for them to eat.


The Lionscale has special scales around its neck that can inflate. These scales, when inflated, form a structure similar to a lion's mane, which it uses to intimidate opponents. The fire of the Lionscale is so hot that it can turn metals into other metals. The dragon uses this ability to turn common metals into the better tasting rare metals that it prefers. Like most Stoker Class dragons, the Lionscale is also able to set itself on fire.

Known Lionscales

Behind the Scenes

  • The Lionscale is the only Stoker Class dragon known to eat metal.
  • This dragon is actually concept art for the film How to Train Your Dragon.

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