Loudmouth Roaring
Species Thunderdrum
Gender Male
Rider None (wild)
Residence Nearby Bork's Cave
Light purplish pink with a white underbelly
Several, small, white dots all over body
Eye Color
Ownericon Owner

Loudmouth is a Thunderdrum who lives nearby Bork's Cave.


Loudmouth first encountered the Dragon Riders when they were searching for a map in Bork's Cave. The angry Thunderdrum attacked them, shooting its sonic blasts everywhere. Fishlegs distracted him with a Thunderdrum call, while Hiccup and Toothless entered the cave to look for the map. Later on, Hiccup and Toothless returned and Astrid and Fishlegs fired at Loudmouth and managed to chase him off.


  • Loudmouth has the same color scheme as Whirlwing and Earsplitter.
  • Loudmouth is based off of the Thunderdrum that appeared in We Are Family Part I.
  • Loudmouth is the first dragon character created by Logo8th that is based off of a real dragon encountered by the Dragon Riders in the television show.

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