Sometimes called by their abbreviation "MCDs", mind control collars are cruel devices that are quite often forced onto the necks of post-human dragons to making controlling them easier for their masters and turning them against any comrades and friends as long as the device is active. It has also been noted that MCDs also make their wearers extremely violent and angry due to the device manipulating the chemical makeup in their brains, but also makes them oblivious to any hazards that may cause permanent or temporary physical harm to their bodies along with making them extremely predictable, making mind-controlled post-human dragons easy to outmaneuver by skillful opponents while the effects of the device can be easily undone by destroying or removing the device from the wearer's neck, which causes them to suffer from momentary "mind control sickness" in which the previously mind controlled post-human dragon suffers from nausea and severe headache as his or her brain's chemical makeup returns to its normal state or sometimes even causing them to faint. 

It can also be noted that the effects of the device can be compared to the effect that Alpha dragons such as Bewilderbeasts and Red Deaths can have on their nest mates allowing them to manipulate and control their actions in a hypnosis-type state. 

Known Users

Gene Corp


The Roman Empire

Drago Bludvist and General Walker's Blackwater Separatists

Other Notes

  • Mind Control Devices do not work on human beings or dragons for reasons unknown 
  • Mind Control Devices can also be neutralized with well-disciplined small arms fire, EMP weapons, and knifes or just simply ripping it off the wearer's neck 
  • Some post-human dragons have compared being under the influence of MCDs to having "Acid poured on their brain" and occasionally refer to being mind controlled as being "Mind ****ed". 
  • Along with combat purposes, post-human dragons can also be forced into other roles including beasts of burden or meat-shields for other post-human dragons such as those of the Praetorian Guard.  


The Gene Corp War

The Gene Corp War: Aftermath (Mentioned Only) 

The Archipelago Wars 

The Gene Corp Wars: The Great War - Act One

The Gene Corp Wars: The Great War - Act Two 

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