Nathan is a human from Earph and his dragon is a female Thunderdrum named Euphoria
Mustang Bros SK

Leo, Nathan, Mich, Geo, Ike and Ondre


Nathan has pale skin, black hair with a purple streak on the fringe and yellow eyes. He comes from the planet called Earph, a slightly odd version of Earth. Nathan and his friends gained some new abilities by eating the shards of a Shayd's horn accidently. Nathan was given the ability to control light and produce light arrows for his bow. He is the Archer of the group. Nathan is the raver and enjoys dark electro, trance and techno music. He suffers from depression and low selfworth, however he is incredibly loyal to his friends often putting their needs before his own. He is lively and bubblely when in a good mood but can easily become distressed by any form of discomfort. 


Nathan became friends with Mich at his school. Through a series of events his friends and himself got transported to Frost Fall. Nathan befriended a female Thunderdrum whom he named Euphoria do to her colorings. Thanks to a magical tree, the friends were able to transport back and forth between worlds. Later Nathan brought his new friends to get themselves dragons. 


  • Nathan represents Aniju Aura
  • Nathan would have been his creators named if she was born a boy. 
  • Nathan's theme song is Ravers Fantasy
  • Nathan has a sister named Christa. 
  • Nathan and his friends were made for a story called Mustang Bros
  • Nathan takes the form of a purple pegasus in Equestria. 

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