Night Rage is a strike class dragon although, also belongs to the mystery class because no one such individual was found. It is the sub-specie of the Night Fury.

Physical Appearance

Although it is a sub-specie of the Night Fury, it is twice in size that that of a Night Fury, not only that, it has large horns that facing backward, long and slighty curve at the end to serve as a weapon, it has ear like appendages and has lesser nubs at the side of its head. It has thicker neck and more muscular build, the wings are also thicker and has large "thumbs" at each wings, but like the Night Fury, it has secondary fins. It has an unusual armed tail, full of large spines both at the top and each sides of the tail. Unlike the Night Fury's tail fin, the fin is much stubborn and thick with spikes at each end to also serve as a weapon.

This muscular dragon stands up to 10-12 feet height with a lenght of 30-40 feet. And is covered with jet black skin which becomes darker at the spines.

Every 500 years, a special Night Rage is born due to an unknown reason and is thrice in the size of the normal Night Rage that stands up 25-30 feet high. Has more muscular body, more powerful and more faster and agile.


Breath Weapon

Like the Night Fury, Night Rage can shoot plasma balls from their mouth but are more powerful and destructive that a weak blast is enough to destruct a whole hill and the most powerful blast is enough to destroy a half of an island and leave a crater. Also, for the special one... It is more dangerous and destructive.

They are also able to breath green flames that was cold and will not eat anything at the path... If not ignited. And upon impact, it is destructable that was able to create a on earth. This flame is gentle when it was not ignited by the dragon but it has a same effect of an atomic bomb when lighted by a spark from the dragon's eyes.

For Night Rages who have a lots of experienced, they can breath plasma flamethower. But the case is not the same for the special one that they've able to breath flamethower of plasma after hatching.

to be continued...

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