Ragnarok is a Viking raider groups who enslave dragons and pillage towns for supplies, new recruits and dragons.


Ragnarok started off as an avaerage Viking ship fleet that grew and started enslaving dragons. Ragnarok became a power force to be reckoned with as they began to add powerful and exotic dragons to their army. Once hearing the tell of a former fleet with a titanic dragon that dominated all others, Ragnarok set out to capture a Bewilderbeast which they succeeded. This time it was a young female and Ragnorak's leader Valkyrie seized control soon after this. 

While camped out on a nearby island looking for new dragons, Ragnarok was visited by a stranger named Knight Watch and his dragon a female Night Fury. After attempted to ally with them, Knight Watch had his dragon demistrate her superiority over Ragnarok's dragons. Impressed and wanted the dragon for herslef Valkyire summoned her Bewilderbeast and take control over the Night Fury. However little did they know Knight Watch was no ordinary human and possed great dark power. He scooped Valkyrie up in his shadow clutches and demanded his dragon be returned to him and Ragnarok's complete obediance. Having no choice Valkyrie commanded her troops to follow but was held prisoner by Knight Watch as he took control over the whole group. 

After a failed battle with Frost Fall and Ivory, Knight Watch took complete control over Ragnarok and threw Valkyrie into the ocean. 

All Known Members

List of Vikings and Dragons who are or were memebers of Ragnarok.

Knight Watch - New Leader and his dragon is Star Stella

Hijack - Former member, got left behind on Frost Fall. His dragon is a Sword Stealer named Fincutter

Valkyrie - former leader before she was deposed by Knight Watch, owner of a female Bewilderbeast 


  • Ragnarok get their name from the Norse' End of Days myth as well as from the main villians in Kenichi .  
  • Valkyrie survived the whole ordeal. 

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