Roxo Morado is the city announcer of Bleeding. He announces the mayor Kirgu Klove's actions to the city in front of large crouds. However, he ironically has a bad case of stagefright. He is very timid, and often has trouble getting the city's attention. In addition to that he stutters and is anxious all the time, so he isn't a very good announcer, but the mayor still keeps him in his position. Aside from that, Roxo is nice after he is comfterble around you. He has a love for smaller animals and likes to wear fun hats. Because he's afraid of heights, he does not ride a dragon.


Roxo is average height and less-than average weight. His brown hair has many red and purple streaks, his two favorite colors. His eye color is purple. He normally wears a purple cotton jacket and black-skin pants, along with a hat.

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