Ruffnut Thorston is the twin sister of Tuffnut and together they are the rider of a Hideous Zippleback named Barf and Belch.

Ruffnut Thorston
Ruffnut Thorston
Race Human
Gender Gender
Dragon Barf and Belch
Basic Info
Residence Berk
Affiliations Hairy Hooligans Tribe
Weapon of Choice Spear
Occupation Dragon Rider
Relatives Tuffnut Thorston
Voice By Kristen Wiig


Ruffnut and Tuffnut are fraternal twins that participate in dragon training with Hiccup. The twins are constantly arguing and fighting, often resolving their petty debates by hitting each other. Despite their incessant bickering, they are always together and work as a team. They are especially cooperative in taunting Hiccup and pointing out his flaws while bragging about their own skills as dragon slayers.  Their ironic words prove humorous as they struggle just as much as Hiccup in their training.

When Hiccup learns to master dragon training, they are quick to praise him, now fighting to be the first to talk to him whenever the chance arises. Ruffnut even seems to develop a crush on Hiccup as she flirts with him, much to Astrid’s disapproval. The twins become good friends with Hiccup as they help him defeat the Red Death and finally bring peace to Berk.

Ruffnut has a slightly passive role than her brother, although she does take joy in hurting him whenever she can. She is tomboyish in nature, mostly because she is a viking, but she does tend to be slightly neater in terms of look. Ruffnut loves punching and wrestling with Tuffnut, often proving herself more stronger than him. Ruffnut, like her brother, loves getting in dangerous situations. Despite their quarreling, she is shown several times to pull herself and Tuffnut out of danger when the time comes, but sometimes she just stands by to watch the fun. Ruffnut dislikes to share everything with her brother and had a brief fallout, however she seem willing to put their differences aside for their dragon. Ruffnut had a short-lived crush on Hiccup, but she seemed to of dropped it, possibly she could have been teasing Astrid.

Several times, she is shown to be slightly more intelligent and stronger than her brother, by defeating him in a combat course or finding a smart remark to an insult he throws at her. Tuffnut states that Ruffnut's hits are like a guys, even to the point of tears. Ruffnut usually uses a double-ended spear for combat, just like her brother.


Pictures of Ruffnut.

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