Species Night Fury
Gender Male
Rider none
Residence The Night Isle
Affiliations none
Glowing Crescent on his belly and he is completely colorless except his eyes (black and grey)
Black (of dragon, displayed)
Eye Color
Yellowish Green
Stats icon attack Attack
Stats icon speed Speed
Stats icon armor Armor
Stats icon fire Firepower
Stats icon shot Shot Limit
Stats icon venom Venom
Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength
Stats icon stealth Stealth
Ownericon Owner

Shadow, brave, caring, colorless, a powerful Night Fury. Shadow awoke one day in a dark cave, months passes, maybe years all the color from his body drained, until he was black and gray everywhere except his eyes. Finally, he found an escape, he left the caves, in the night he tried to recover his memory. But it was beyond saving. One day a fellow Night Fury found him, her name was Neolash. Neolash helped him remember, but all that time a darkness boiled inside him. Nightmare! Nightmare, evil and cunning, basically indestructible (he is a memory so he isnt real) but he can take control of Shadow and others. Neolash and him battled this foe for years until they found the cure. First Shadow had to astral project while Neolash put a powerful light energy crescent on his belly. (more on that later) Then Shadow and Neolash fell in love, they were forever bound. Then Shadow disappeared for a very long time, years. Nightmare took control of others, creating an army of darkness that Shadow had to fight, in the battle his connection to his real body was severed and he was a lost soul, while his body was in a long coma. Soon he drifted into Valhalla, where Thor led him on an adventure of power and courage to find his body (again more on that later) when he found his body he instantly connected. But a huge scar where he was severed was formed. Two Nightfury hatchlings were adopted by him while he found his way back to Neolash. Where he lived a happy life...until she died sacrificing herself for the hatchlings. But she wasnt dead for long, the crescent began to glow, and she did too. A part of him became a part of her, a crescent and a star. (This is just a brief history)

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