Thundering Boltstrike
Species Thundering Boltstike
Gender Male
Rider None (trained by Hiccup)
Residence Dragon's Edge (formally Midnight Isle)
Affiliations Hairy Hooligans, Isle of Berk, Dragon's Edge
Black back, wings, and tail, white belly
Small, black spots on belly
Eye Color
Unknown, as his eyes are always glowing yellow
Stats icon stealth Stealth
Ownericon Owner

Shockfire is a Thundering Boltstrike who was trained on Midnight Isle and now lives on Dragon's Edge.


Shockfire was originally a wild dragon that lived on Midnight Isle. He used to be the leader of a pack of Thundering Boltstrikes, but they kicked him out in favor of a new leader, named Darksight. One day, an important map was lost on Midnight Isle, and Hiccup and the Dragon Riders set out to find it. However, due to the darkness of the isle's forests, the riders had to find and train a Thundering Boltstike to find it in the dark. The first dragon they encountered was Shaw, a Frilled Flameglider, who led them to Shockfire. Shockfire, as a wild dragon, was extremely violent, and attempted to chase off the Riders by shooting his electrically charged plasma at them. After dodging the shots and using their dragons to stop Shockfire's attack, the Riders came up with a new plan. They decided to use Shaw to lure Shockfire into a netter trap, which ended up working. Though Shockfire was furious when he was caught in the trap, Hiccup managed to calm him down and let him out of the trap, similarly to the Frozen Skrill. Hiccup then trained the Thundering Boltstike and gave him his name, Shockfire. Hiccup then had Shockfire help them find their map. When they found the map, however, it was surrounded by a group of Thundering Boltstrikes, who just so happened to be Shockfire's former pack, led by Darksight. Shockfire and Darksight battled fiercely, while Hiccup and the others tried to keep the other pack members at bay. After a long battle, Shockfire defeated Darksight and chased him off, while the others managed to defeat the other pack members and reclaim the map. Eventually, Shockfire and Shaw decided to return to Dragon's Edge with the Riders, where they now live. Shockfire has become essential to Dragon's Edge, as his ability to see in pitch black darkness comes in handy when needing to find lost objects or finding hidden enemies.

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