Shriek is a Screaming Death and the Dragon of Cutthroat.

Shriek SK
Species Screaming Death
Gender Female
Rider Cutthroat
Basic Info
Residence Frost Fall
Affiliations Ivory Clan
Fire Power 12
Attack 16
Speed 16
Owner Aniju Aura


Shriek is a white Screaming Death with blue eyes instead of red. Like all Screaming Deaths, Shriek can tunnel, breath fire and shoot spikes from her body. Because she was hatched by Cutthroat, she behaves more tamed around him, viewing him as her parent because he was the first thing she saw when she hatched. Her origins remain unknown simply because Cutthroat never bothered to locate her parents and found her egg in the forest. Being more socialized Shriek is far more friendlier than other Screaming Deaths, but becomes protective of Cutthroat.


Shriek's egg was found in the forest by Cutthroat, who was foraging for supplies. Her parents and other nest mates were nowhere to be seen so Cutthroat brought the dragon egg back with him, not really knowing what kind of dragon egg it was. After a few weeks the egg hatched into a Screaming Death that Cutthroat named Shriek, because she made shrieking sounds after she hatched. Shriek grew fast and could be seen following Cutthroat around since then.

When Cutthroat came in contract with his older brother after some years, they found out he had been living in the Pillar with a dragon he called the Black Death. He begged for Cutthroat and Shriek' help to dig him out. Being a boulder class dragon, Shriek was perfectly suited for digging a tunnel from the large dragon to escape through. While under the Pillar, they found ruins belonging to an old unknown civilization. 


  • Shriek has blue yes instead of red, this is simply to tell her part from other Screaming Death. She is also smaller than the Screaming Death seen in the TV series because she is younger. 

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