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The Skeetershriek is a medium-sized sharp-class dragon that got its name from the high-pitched sound that it makes.


The Skeetershriek looks very much like a Monstrous Nightmare, but with a narrower head and smaller horns. Its tail has no spines but has an arrowhead shaped tip at the end. It has long trailing barbels on its eyes, and a small protrusion on its chin. It also has long downward pointing fangs and small spikes on the back of its long neck. There are two claws on each wing, and it has two legs. They can be almost any color, but their secondary color is always black.


The Skeetershriek is very sneaky and likes to hide up in trees so its victim can not tell where the sound is coming from. After trapping some prey, it will sometimes hang it in a tree to save it for later. It likes to sleep hanging by its tail and spends most of its time in the trees. It is very curious and if it finds something unfamiliar, it will check it out, though cautiously.



The Skeetershriek can produce a noise at 18,000 dB, thus its name. The sound can not be heard by humans that are under 25 years old. However, most mammals and young humans are able to hear it, and most other dragons. The sound will hurt the victim's head and can sometimes make them pass out.

Alternate Sound Weapon

For a large group of opponents, it can use its alternate sound weapon, which is a loud noise that causes confusion. This one is not used as often, however.

Sticky Web

After disorienting it's prey or enemy with its shriek, the Skeetershriek will shoot a sticky web at it. The net traps the opponent, and the dragon can then either leave it or eat it.


When the Skeetershriek has trapped its prey, it will suck the blood out of it, like a vampire bat.


Its tail is prehensile, and also has a sharp arrowhead shaped tip that can cut through most wood.


Like most dragons, it has the ability to breath fire, but it is rather weak fire and so the Skeetershriek does not use it much.

Known Skeetershrieks

There are none so far, as I have not put them in a fanfic yet.


  • The Skeetershriek is based on a mosquito, a vampire bat, a spider, and a monkey.


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