Skullcrushers are a specie of dragon only found on the island of Skaal.


A Skullcrusher has a boney plate on its head making it resemble a dragon's skull giving the species it's name. Skullcrushers use their thick head as a display more than anything but they can crush rocks and trees by ramming into objects while flying. Skullcrushers are known to spin poisonous like acid. Skullcrushers are only found on the island of Skaal.

Skullcrushers seem able to come in any color compination and have been seen with different markings. They have a serpentine like body with no hindlegs however they sport two massive wings. A Skullcrusher's wing span can be as wide as it's body is long. This dragon can stand several meters tall. The dragons have a row of spikes going along their spin to the end of their tails. Each Shullscrusher can have a different head dress of spikes or horns.

Skullscrushers are social and can be seen traveling in small groups or in pairs. Lone skullcrushers are a rare sight but are the most dangerous of all, being they have been driven from their group and are more aggressive on their own. Skullcrushers usually make their homes in caves. These dragons have a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoy the berries that grow on the island, however Skullscrushers are known to eat anything they come across.

So far Naggapatzi is the only tamed Skullscusher.

All Known Skullcrushers

A list of named Skullcrushers.



Pictures of Skullcrushers.


  • The Skullcrushers' home island is named after the type of people referred to as the Skaal on the island of northern Solstheim, in the video game The Elder Scroll V: Dragonbown.
  • Skullcrushers would be classified in the Strike Class because of their speed and intellience. However the people of Skaal don't really classify dragons like the Vikings found on Berk.

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