Species Stormcutter
Gender Male
Rider Agilos (formerly), Hiccup and other citizens of Berk (currently)
Residence Greek highlands (formerly), Agilos' Greek camp (formerly), Dragon's Edge (currently)
Affiliations Agilos (formerly), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Toothless, Hydra, Dragon's Edge, Isle of Berk, Hairy Hooligans
Blue with some red around the face
Eye Color
Ownericon Owner

Skyslicer is a Stormcutter from Greece that was originally "trained" by Agilos before being actually trained by Hiccup.


Skyslicer was a wild dragon living in the highlands of Greece. One day, however, he encountered his soon to be brutal master Agilos, who had been hiking up the mountains looking for dragons to kill. When he found Skyslicer, he mercilessly beat the poor dragon to the ground. Fortunately for Skyslicer, just as Agilos was about to kill him, the man realized that it would be in his best interests to own a dragon, or a "demon" as they were known by him and his people. He could use a dragon to control his people and kill other dragons, just as Drago Bludvist would later try to do to Berk. Skyslicer was commonly kept locked up in a shed for long periods of time, unless he was needed by Agilos, in order to hide him from the other Greeks, who would surely refuse to have a dragon in their midst. However, one day, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and Toothless came to Greece whilst helping Trader Johann and Swapfire with a delivery. After meeting Agilos, Hiccup was captured and forced to try and kill a Snaptrapper suffering from Hydracephalus in exchange for Agilos not exiling him to "the land of no return" and not killing Toothless. After Hiccup tricked Agilos and trained the Snaptrapper, named Hydra, the two of them returned to the Greek camp where they freed Toothless. However, just as they were about to fly away, Agilos ran to the shed and climbed aboard Skyslicer, flying him into battle and shocking all of the Greek soldiers present. Skyslicer and Hydra fought for a short while, until one of Hydra's heads was able to push Agilos off of Skyslicer, sending him crashing into the shed and knocking him out. Skyslicer, realizing that there was no more weight on his back anymore and sensing that he was free, was about to fly away, when he looked back at Hiccup, Toothless, and Hydra and decided that he wanted to join them. Skyslicer returned with the other three to Dragon's Edge, where he still lives today. It was a little tough to get a rider on him again, as he had suffered plenty under the hands of his former rider, but Hiccup eventually got through to him, and Skyslicer is always happy to take anyone on a ride over Berk or Dragon's Edge.

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