Slasho Saber is a member of Ivory and her dragon is Toblerone.

Slasho Saber
Race Nto
Gender Female
Dragon Toblerone
Basic Info
Residence Frost Fall
Affiliations Ivory Clan
Weapon of Choice Bow and Arrow
Occupation Archer
Owner [[User:Aniju Aura|Aniju Aura]]


Slasho has pale skin and purple hair that fades to deep purple at the tips. She usually wears a long fur coat made from a saber cat and yak hide-boots. During the the summer months, Slasho wears a fur vest with a short sleeved shirt and fur gloves.

Slahso uses a bow and arrow as her choice of weapon. She can use blade weapons like sabers however she favor bow made of dragon's bone.


Slasho always said she never trains Tolerone, but instead he tamed her.


  • Slasho is the oldest character belonging to Aniju Aura.
  • Slasho's favorite color is purple.

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