Species Bewilderbeast
Gender Female
Rider Valkyrie
Basic Info
Affiliations Ragnarok
Fire Power 60
Attack 50
Speed 6
Owner Aniju Aura
Snowblaze was a female Bewilderbeast and the former dragon of Valkyrie.


Snowblaze has grey scales with maroon markings and yellow eyes. Like other Bewilderbeasts, she is capable of breathing frost instead of fire and can control other dragons. She's loyal to her rider Valkyrie.


Valkyrie found Snowblaze when she was an juvenile and trained her in combat. Valkyrie did not know what kind of dragon she was at the time, maybe never really knew. However her ability to control other dragons made allowed the two to raise up through the ranks to dominate the Ragnarok clan. 

When Knight Watch attempted to ally with Ragnarok, Valkyrie refused and order Snowblaze to take control of his dragon Star Stella, however Knight Watch used his dark magic to imprison Valkyrie. He threatened to harm her is Ragnarok did not comply. Not wanting harm to fall upon her rider, Snowblaze followed Knight Watch's command and attempted to attack Frost Fall. She was headed off by Ivory's dragons. Her ability to control dragons did not work on three Frost Fall residential dragons as well as the Black Death. Snowblaze had a ferocious battle with Jack Knife and his dragon the Black Death. She was ultimately killed by a colony of Shiverwings.

Unlike Star Stella, who was killed by Dante, Snowblaze could not be brought back to life because Dante was no close enough to adsorb her soul. Instead Aniju used Snowblaze's DNA gathered from her remains to make a Bewilderbeast egg. 


  • Snowblaze and Frostfire's names are both combinations of opposite elements.