Species Lionscale
Gender Male
Rider None (tamed)
Residence The Iron Cape (formerly)
Dragon's Edge (currently)
Affiliations Hairy Hooligans, Isle of Berk, Dragon's Edge
Bright glowing orange
Eye Color
Ownericon Owner

Solroar (a corruption of the words "solar" and "roar") is a male Lionscale who lived on the Iron Cape before being trained by the Dragon Riders.


Solroar initially lived with a colony of other Lionscales on the Iron Cape, hunting, sleeping, and doing other activities with all of his pack beside him. However, one day, Agilos and Gresslar came to the Iron Cape. The two men plotted to overthrow Stoick and Hiccup and take over as rulers of the Isle of Berk. To do so, however, they needed a dragon to use to fly to Berk, as Agilos no longer had ownership of Skyslicer and all of their ships had been previously destroyed in earlier attempts. Gresslar, the calmer of the two, attempted to train a Lionscale, which happened to be Solroar, but the dragon instantly chased him back to their base. The dragon, undeterred by the hard metal base, repeatedly slammed itself into the roof, trying to break in. Fortunately for the two, just as the Lionscale was able to break in, Hiccup and the other Dragon Riders, led by the recently reformed Aurora Mimica, arrived at the Iron Cape knowing about Agilos and Gresslar's base there. Seeing the Lionscale attacking the base, the Dragon Riders fired at the dragon, chasing it off and saving the two villains. However, Agilos revealed that he had actually managed to attach a dragon-proof chain to the Lionscale's foot during the dragon's first break in, stopping the dragon from flying far away. The two reeled the dragon in, planning on forcibly training it and using it for destruction in revenge for its attack. Aurora's Changewing, Shifter, was able to use his acid to burn the dragon-proof chain away, freeing the Lionscale. The dragon, finally free, inflated his "mane scales" and blasted some of his burning hot fire at the base, finally destroying it, before flying up into the sky, soon followed by the Dragon Riders. The dragon, grateful for them saving his life, decided to return to Dragon's Edge with the Riders. Hiccup gave him the name "Solroar" and the group returned to Dragon's Edge, where Solroar still lives.

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