Race Human
Gender Female
Dragon Orchid
Basic Info
Residence Berk
Affiliations Berk
Weapon of Choice Axe
Occupation Warrior
Nicknames Tai (By Sometimes Lea)
Relatives Lea Torunn (Adoptive Daughter),
Owner NightShade2K16
Use Tale Of The Dragon Rider (Fanfiction Based On Movies and Series)

Taila also known as Taila The Brave is Lea's caretaker in How to Train Your Dragon films and the TV series. She is the deuteragonist (behind Shira) of the 1st film and on of the tritagonist of the 2nd film along with Hiccup's dad. Shes Stock's Close friend and most trustworthy adviser. Her name Meaning "Gentle Dew From Heaven"


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Coming Soon


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