The King Of The Sea Dragons is an episode of Dragons:Riders of Berk


Toothless and Hiccup are flying through the air,exploring for new islands.

Hiccup:Ok bud,we have discovered four new islands so far!

Toothless:*looks happily at Hiccup*Row!

  • the water below Toothless and Hiccup starts rumbling*

Hiccup:Woah!What's making that rumbling?

Toothless:*looks at the water,scared* Suddenly,a Water Death shoots out of the water,and roars.


Hiccup:Looks like we have discovered a new dragon!Let's try to bring it back to Berk to study it!


Water Death:*brings out wings,and flies towards Hiccup and Toothless*GRAAAARRHHH!!

Hiccup:Toothless,plasma blast! Toothless shoots a plasma blast at the Water Death,but it dodges it.The Water Death shoots a blast of fire back at Toothless,but Toothless also dodges it.

Water Death:Krrrrghhhh!!

  • Meanwhile,back at Berk*

Astrid:I wonder where Hiccup went?

Fishlegs:Me too.I hope he's okay.

Astrid:Maybe we should go look for him. Astrid,Fishlegs,Snoutlout,and Ruffnut and Tuffnut fly off on their dragons,looking for Hiccup.

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