Therese Ingerman
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 12
Dragon Neona Ghiaccia
Basic Info
Residence Golden Isles
Weapon of Choice Gronckle Iron axe
Occupation Dragon Trainer, Cook
Nicknames Therese, Terry
Relatives Bjorn (father), Iulia (mother), Hanna (sister)
Therese Ingerman is the sister of Hanna Ingerman. She rides a Neon Fury named Neona Ghiaccia. She is born to Bjorn Ingerman and Iulia Ingerman.


Therese is a blue-eyed, timid and calm viking. She wears a pink shirt with a pendant at the center, and also wears a Sapphire necklace. She is intelligent, calm, collected and shy, and she is an extreme introvert. She has been found to be very fond of cooking, and she also makes very good and delectable food, unlike her sister, who fails at cooking everytime she tries. She is Fishlegs' cousin. Though younger, Fishlegs and Therese are very close. She gave her a Gronckle Iron axe for her 11th birthday.

Though young, Therese is an experienced dragon trainer. Aside from her Neon Fury Neona Ghiaccia, she also trains a Terrible Terror named Colet. Colet gives her airmail and sometimes accompanies her during cooking.

Therese is found to be cold and a bit scary when she's angry, and her temper is always bound to burst. And in such intense situations, she has been found to break things not normally broken by kids her age, like geodes and wooden benches. She is also apparently clueless, and isn't very alert when needed. She has been found to be easily distracted, and once this attitude almost led to her demise.

Though extremely distractable, cold and hot-headed, she is also very cautious about saying things that can harm others. She has been shown to be very sympathetic to those who are close to her. She is also compassionate and is very observant, though, when trying, she fails.


Therese Ingerman has a very healthy body, cobalt blue eyes and brunette hair. She wears a dark pink shirt and a pendant at the center, which is apparently made of fake gold (also known as pyrite. Therese wears a suit during flight, and a hat during hot days. She also changes her attire very oftenly, although the dark pink shirt and pendant is the most common one.

Therese is shown to braid her hair, though she does this very sparingly. She also wears a suit similar to Hiccup, though smaller, doesn't have a map, compass and a Zippleback-Nightmare Fire Sword, and is colored very pale red.


  • She is a cousin to Fishlegs.
  • She may be a very timid and calm person, but at intense fights or quarrels she can be very intimidating and scary.
  • Therese has a skill of wielding weapons.
  • Her birthday is in December 18, though the year is uncertain.
  • Therese has the ability to call her Terrible Terror from far away.

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