Arni the Madhawk lay awake in bed, with his gronckle guarding the door, he had just come back from a long sea voyage and was greeted by a bunch of problems, like sheep and cattle disappearing, along with necklaces and other items. It was tough being the chief of a poor viking settlement, but he did it anyway. He was terribly tired but couldn't go to sleep. His gronckle, who was always alert all of a sudden started drifting asleep, Arni's eyelids began drooping and he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

His door quietly opened, a girl in a black suit with brown, wavy hair that gently fell on her shoulders, she was as skinny as a chicken bone which made it easier for her to squeeze through narrow areas. She stepped over the gronckle and walked up to Arni's bed, and lifted up her dagger....and took his gold necklace that was around his neck, she did did this with caution and made sure that if he woke, she'd stab him in the heart with her dagger, though she could scream at the top of her lungs and nobody would wake up, or at least that was what the witch told her. Still, the witch could have been lying, but that didn't matter. She put the necklace in a small pouch tied around her waist. Then she left.


They were fighting, they had blonde hair and viking helmets and they were fighting. The boy had long blonde hair, just like the girl. Ondotte assumed they were twins, she closed her eyes, trying to hold back the tears. Memories came flowing back into her brain, memories she tried to forget. They couldn't be her next victim, they reminded her to much about him, her brother, he taught her everything there was to know about stealing. But one wrong move lead to death, his death. She looked back at them, the girl wore rags, there wasn't much to steal from them, expect the tooth necklaces they were wearing, but the necklaces wouldn't give her food or shelter. Ondotte didn't know what they were fighting about, there was a sudden urge to ask them and help them find a solution, the urge to talk to someone, to have a friend, but she couldn't, she came to Berk for a reason, to steal a chicken or goat, if they had any, and a sword, then go on her way. Just another day in the thieving business, not a day to make friends. But she listened to them fight,she heard a few words like "Ruffnut!" and "You never listen to me!" but the rest was inaudible.

Ondotte looked around. Then she opened a bottle and drank the green liquid inside, it was fowl. She gagged and opened another bottle, green mist came out and spread over the house. She took a sword and went up the stairs, in one room she found a boy as thin as a stick, he was missing a leg. In another room was a man that was complete opposite of the boy. Ondotte figured it was the chief, but who was the boy? He was honestly too skinny and puny to be his son, but hey, who knows? Certainly not her. She left the house and looked at the village. Must be nice having a home.

Ondotte felt something following her, she turned around and immediately regretted it, it was a night fury. Big and black and growling at her, she winced. "Are you from the house I just left?" she asked, her voice trembling. The dragon growled. Ondotte assumed that was a yes, fear went away and anger swelled up inside of her. The witch lied, the bottle didn't work. If she, by some miracle, lived, she would kill the witch, but right now the most important thing was how. How was she going to live? "Are you hungry?" she asked in a polite tone, trying not to sound scared. She pulled out a small fish in her bag and handed it to the dragon,her supper was gone.

Ondotte stepped into the boat, her dragon,a white terrible terror that could speak norse, perched on her shoulder. Ondotte smiled "Hello" she said in a soft voice. "Why are you late?" The dragon said. "I'm sorry but I had to distract a night fury," Ondotte said. "Where are we going?" "Well," the dragon said "I was thinking we go to a rich village and steal their loot." "No,the potion doesn't work,we can't risk it." "But..but..but...we need money,we can't become beggars!!!!!!! They don't get anything anyway,and I don't know about you,but I don't want to starve" the dragon said hotly. "And we won't, we just need a plan.........a good one."Ondotte said. "And what is that plan?" The dragon asked. "I...........I don't know." She admitted. "Well.......there Is always THE plan" The dragon said looking at the ground. Ondotte looked at him "fine" she said.


Glum watched them, coming and going. He watched them from a dark alley. They rushed back to their homes. Wimps, all of them. They were scared of being robbed. They were scared of Kol the Treacherous, he wasn't even a good thief and they were scared, he was the one everybody should be afraid of, not Kol. Oh well, he walked out into the open. People scowled as they saw him walk by. Glum couldn't figure out why they hated him, granted he was dressed in rags and was dirty, but that didn't matter. He stopped. There, in the crowd of people, was a girl. He had seen plenty of girls in his lifetime, but this one he never saw. The village was huge, that was a fact, and always busy, but he had plenty of time to look at the many girls in the village and he never saw this one before. She wore a dress, like other girls, but this one constantly picked at her dress, Glum assumed she didn't like it. Her hair was brown and wavy and fell gently on her shoulders. Her eyes were blue. He instinctively started walking towards her,but he tripped over a terrible terror and landed face first in the mud. He looked up, the girl was gone.

Ondotte looked around the village, it was crowded. She felt someone was looking at her so she started walking, she turned to a dark alley and stopped. She felt a hand go into her pocket and she grabbed the ........soft,small hand. She looked down, a young girl, about seven or eight years old was staring at her,"please let me go!" She pleaded "I just needed food and money and my mommy forced me to!" "What's your name?" Odotte said."Thyra" the girl said. "Well Thyra, would you like to come with me I'll give you food,then you can go back to your mommy" the girl shook her head "I don't want to go back to mommy,she's evil,and mean. I wanted to run away,but she wouldn't let me. She said that she couldn't be caught stealing,and that since I'm only six, they would let me free, can I come with you?" Thyra said. "Sure" Ondotte smiled. She would have a helper. "ONDOTTE!!!!!!!" The dragon came flying by,"never leave me like that." "Is that a talking dragon?" Thyra asked. "Yes, yes it is" the dragon said. "What's it's name?" Thyra asked.

Arni sat on his chair. After his necklace was stolen he started saying that anybody who found that thief and his stolen necklace, he would give them two, full bags of gold. However only one person agreed. He would be meeting this person soon in an hour or so. A boy,about eighteen years old came in, "what up" he said. Arni was about to speak up when he started talking again "I'm Kol,and I'm here to ki- I mean capture your thief," "I'm sorry but we already have someone" Arni said "I don't think he's coming" Kol said. "Well,you better start searching then" Arni said. Kol walked out of the room,where he was greeted by a boy "so how'd it go he asked nervously. "Everything is going according to plan" Kol said, a grin on his face.

Glum walked the streets, feeling stupid and, well...............glum. Even if he had talked to the girl she would scowl at him like everybody else. Plus she probably doesn't have to steal to eat. He stared at his feet, kicking pebbles. "No. We can't name him princess" said a voice. Glum looked up, the voice came from around the corner. "Why not?" another voice said. "Because he's a male" said another voice,but he sounded like a boy. He looked cautiously around the corner. It was the girl! Her deep blue eyes shone like stars in the the moonlight. She had a dragon on her shoulder, it was white, and looked like a terrible terror. No, it wasn't just white, it had a light blue color here and there, and his wings were all light blue. The other girl, probably the one that wanted to name whoever 'he' was princess. The girl crossed her arms,"then I'm not helping" "maybe we can name him something else, like..............what do you think about..........Sam" the girl/angel said. "NO!" the girl said. Glum stepped forward, accidentally snapping a twig. They turned toward him. He felt his legs trembling. "Hi" he managed to say. Glum noticed the girl's hand was on her dagger. The younger girl looked confused. "Hey,I know a name for whoever your talking about." He said awkwardly. "Well then,what is it?" The older girl said, "first,who you talking about?" Glum said. "The dragon" both girls said. "Dragon" Glum said.

Ondotte looked around, the boy,who said his name was Glum, had stopped the fight that was going on last night. She didn't know how, but he did. and that was a good thing. He was a thief, like her, only he had a home. Glum came running to where she sat with four fresh bread rolls. He handed one to Thyra, then Dragon, and lastly to her. He sat next to her and took a bite out of his own bread roll. Ondotte tried not to stare, but she couldn't help it, he had blonde hair, freckles and green eyes, there was something about him that made her......nervous. "So..........." he began "What brings you here?" "Oh,I am aiming to steal all the gold in that tower" she said,pointing to a tower. "Let me help" Glum said. Ondotte stared at him "there is a lot in that tower, you'll need help." He continued. "Well, then we better start making plans" Ondotte said,a grin on her face.


Kol looked around. They weren't there. Okay, so they left. Doesn't matter. He has spies all over the village, shouldn't be that hard to find three people, and a dragon. This would be easy. Kol started walking along the road. He stopped at a house that really was old and looked like it would collapse any minute. He knocked on the door three times, three short knocks. The door opened, and out came a women that looked as old as her home. Her hair was completely white and her face as pale and white as milk, but not as smooth as milk, in fact it looked like a raisin, all wrinkly. "Hello" she said warmly, with a smile on her wrinkly, old face. Kol looked at her in disgust,"You know,it's getting hard to believe you were once the most beautiful maiden any man has laid his eyes on" Kol said. The woman's smile disappeared. "Do you know where they are" she said, her voice stern and harsh. "Not exactly" Kol began "but, I will find them soon enough, I'll hire my men to search for them" the woman stared at him with her white eyes, she didn't even have pupils, just a pool of white. "However, I am aware that she is with two people, a boy, and a girl" Kol said "and,the girl just so happens to be a thief, most wanted, we could earn two full bags of gold if we turn her in" Kol started getting excited. "And....the boy, what do we do with him" "Once we capture them I'm pretty sure will find out" Kol said. "Well then,you better get started." The woman had a grin that made Kol shiver. He ran to a dark alley "WELL BOYS," he screamed "I NEED YOU'RE HELP!!"

Ondotte and Glum walked side by side, carefully avoiding each other's eyes. Thyra noticed this and ran up to them and started holding their hands and singing "MY FRIENDS,MY FRIENDS,FRIENDS,FRIENDS,FRIENDS, LOVE EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!" The song was annoying and Ondotte and Glum tried to make her stop. Eventually they made her stop but that was when they accidentally touched each other's hands and looked at each other. After that it got awkward, but Thyra kept humming a very familiar tune, in fact, it was the friend song. After a while Ondotte felt eyes upon her, she prayed to Odin it was
Glum, but when she looked at him he was looking at a women carelessly putting a gold necklace in a poorly tied pouch. Ondotte felt the urge to run, so she did. She grabbed Thyra and started running. Men dressed in black started running after her. They came from every dark alley and abandoned shop or house, and started running after them. Ondotte didn't look to see if Glum was following, she just ran. When she felt too tired to run anymore she kept running. It grew dark and only when she knew they were gone she stopped. She looked around, it was dark and trees were everywhere "where are we?" Thyra asked. Ondotte breathed deeply and said "in the woods, don't worry, I'll make a fire, and shelter." She got up and looked around. It reminded her of a place in her past, she found herself choking back tears. It took a while for Ondotte to cut some wood for a fire, but eventually she got it and was getting warm next to a fire. "Would........ it ...........kill you....... to wait!" Dragon said breathing hard. Ondotte looked at him, she forgot him. Glum came following behind Dragon. He said nothing. Ondotte felt ashamed, she didn't even give warning to them. "Sorry" she said, Glum sat next to her and stared in the fire. Dragon did the same. "Why don't we call you Drag?" Thyra said after a while, breaking the silence. "Since you're always a drag" she continued "well,I'm calling him Drag" Glum stared at her.


Glum stared at Thyra as she slept, Ondotte was next to him, asleep. Dragon, or Drag, fell asleep two minutes after they found Ondotte and Thyra. Now, he was the only one awake. Glum had noticed that when siblings were playing on the street Ondotte would stare at them. She must have a sibling, or she wouldn't bother to look. He was waiting for a chance to ask her and now, everyone was asleep. Should he wake her up? A wolf howled in the distance. Ondotte's eyes fluttered open. She stood up slowly and looked at him, then Thyra, then Dragon. "You know Drag's a pretty good name for him" she said. "Do you have any siblings?" Glum said. "Do you?" she asked. "No" Glum answered. "I do, or at least I did" Ondotte said looking at the moon "a twin brother, taught me how to steal. But one day he made one wrong move. He was hanged." Ondotte looked at Glum "his name was Falki." "You saw him being hanged?" Glum asked. Ondotte smiled "no, and thank Odin I didn't, otherwise I would be having nightmares to this day." Ondotte's smile disappeared. She looked at her feet. "Goodnight" she said.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY GOT AWAY!!" Kol's face was bright red. "Sorry sir,but they ran into the black woods........ they'll be eaten for sure." said one of the men dressed in black,he was younger than most of them and he had brown hair with blue eyes. "BE QUIET!!!!!!!!! I TRUSTED YOU TO BRING THEM BACK!!!!! NOT BE DEVOURED IN THE BLACK WOODS!!!" Kol screamed. Oh well, it didn't matter. He would get them, he would just have to wait......

Thyra looked up at the stars, she got up, and looked around, everyone was asleep. Which meant it was safe. She walked to a nearby clearing, there was a lake. She looked a her reflection, her straight, long, blonde hair needed to be cut, she looked weird with long hair. Her skin was pale, and eyes were brown. Her outfit was green, but it looked more brown than green with all the mud. But it didn't matter, what mattered was that she was safe, safe from that witch,and her big brother. She was safe with Ondotte, Glum,and Drag. She smiled and walked back to camp feeling happy. She was safe.


Thyra looked at the stars,it seemed so long ago when she met Ondotte and Glum. And it was so long ago, 5 years, now she was eleven. Thyra smiled, she thought that when she turned eleven she would be able to help them. She always admired them, after they met they started stealing from the rich, and giving to the poor. When she turned eleven she had asked them if she could help, "but you are helping" they had said. "No, I'm just helping pass out the gold and bread, I mean the real stuff, stealing" Thyra said. "Show us you're ready." So Thyra showed them, she walked on eggs, without breaking or cracking even one of them. She tried everything she could and they said no. She knew it was because they cared and didn't want her to get caught, but it was so unfair. She wanted to be like Ondotte, all the guys stared goofy looks at Ondotte,and it made sense, she was like an angel. But was was Thyra? A girl that had short blonde hair, a red shirt, a striped skirt that was red and black, and striped tights, with a brown jacket. She wanted to stay awake and wait for Ondotte and Glum, but she was so tired, she drifted asleep. She woke up after a while, she had a nightmare, Ondotte and Glum had been captured, by the witch and that fat lady, and Kol. But it was just a dream, it wasn't true. She stopped, something was watching her, she turned to a side, there was a......figure.

Ondotte felt stupid. She had been caught. Glum didn't like the guy that caught them, Kol was his name. And now they were probably going to die. "NO!!!!!!!!! I NEED THEM HANGED IN MY COURTYARD TOMORROW!!!!!!" A voice said. "Sorry my queen, but you need to wait at the least a month." Another voice said. Ondotte sighed. It would be a while 'till she would join her brother.

"I need you to to help me" the queen was standing next to Ondotte and Glum, three soldiers were behind her. "What makes you think will help you" Glum said. "Because" a fourth soldier walked into the room,Thyra was dragged behind him. "You don't want your little friend to get hurt, now would you?" Glum looked at Thyra, she had a cut on her cheek, it was dangerously close to her eye. "This one," the soldier said "was a challenge, took me forever to knock her out." "Fine, what do you want us to do?" Ondotte asked. "Well, first let me tell you the story of Vlarg the innocent." The queen had a devilish grin on her face.


Ever since Vlarg was a child, he had experimented with animals and dragons that he had caught. It was dangerous, but that was what he did. His mother highly disapproved. "You know, Vlarg. You're gonna get killed by that dragon. I feel it in my bones" his mother said. "Don't worry mother" he always said. One day a terrible terror got frustrated with Vlarg and bit his neck. Blood spilled every where,and in spite, his mother killed that terror. Vlarg and the terror's blood mixed together, it turned purple and Vlarg, amazed touched it. It was smooth on his skin. It absorbed in his skin and he got up. The wound on his neck was gone. It was like it never happened.....

Vlarg stopped experimenting with dragons. He became a blacksmith and had two children. His life became normal, like every other viking in town. He didn't like it. One day he took his daughter, Kadlin, to a place he never showed anyone, it was a waterfall, with a few mountains and plenty trees. "This here is a place I call Mount Kadlin." He said. Kadlin noticed that there was a cave behind a waterfall. "Can we go in there?" she said. "Sure honey" he replied. The cave was dark, and quiet. Vlarg didn't know that his other daughter, Finna, was there. She was angry Kadlin had always gotten the best, and now she wanted revenge. She held a knife in her hand. Kadlin walked blindly up to her. This was her chance, she threw the knife at her sister...but instead of hearing her sister's cry, she heard a grunt. She looked up. Her father had taken the blow, and he was on the ground. Purple blood oozed out of the wound, "NO!" Kadlin screamed. "Oh shut up," Finna said. Finna felt bad, she hadn't intended to strike her father, but Kadlin was alive. She needed to do something, but she could only think of one thing, "you will breed boys for the next thousand years, then you will have a girl, and I will hunt her down." And she left.

" does this have to do with us?" Glum asked. "I want that dagger," the Queen said simply. "So, where is it located?" "There is a place. It is heavily guarded, and we suspect the dagger is hidden there. You go there, steal the dagger, and you go free." The queen was weird, that was a fact, the witch walked up to the queen and looked at Glum. "You!" Ondotte said suddenly. "I've been meaning to having a talk with you for a while. That sleeper potion, does not work!!!!" "Be quiet,it doesn't work on night furies" the witch said simply.

"You are stupid." "You are even more stupid," "oh I can assure you dear brother, you are the king of stupidity." "Oh,thank you,dear sister, but I can assure you you are even more stupid AND dumb than I could ever be." "Oh,stop it." Thyra opened her eyes. Her mouth felt dry and salty. In front of her was two figures,a boy and a girl. "Oh look, dear brother, she woke up" the girl said. "Are you sure, I think she could be male" "no, it is a girl, I'm positive." "Uhh, hi" Thyra said. "Hello,I'm Monjuljgkqfmmbiwigjamck" the girl said "and I'm Monjuljjkqfmmbiwigjamck" the boy said. "Uhh, you have the same name?" "Yup" "Is there a shorter way to say that" "yes." "Oh,good,what is it?" "Monjuljgkqfmmbiwigjam" Thyra stared at them. "Why don't I call you Monjul"she finally said. "Okay"the two said at the same time. "Hey where am I?" Thyra asked. "You're in the dungeon. We came here because we heard the food was good"the girl said "can you help me get out of here?" Thyra asked. "Why would you want to leave?" The boy asked. A rat crawled over his foot. "Oh,well,this isn't...I just want to meet my mom again" Thyra said. "You're lying." The girl said "you don't have a mommy, or a daddy. Just a brother, you try to run away from him, why?" "Because he's evil" Thyra said. The girl stared at her, then she handed Thyra a key. "Here" she said. Thyra smiled.

Drag the dragon felt wet, he opened his eyes. He was in a pond. "Thyra" he whispered. Then he closed his eyes again. Thyra would be okay, she was strong she would not need help anymore. She had two friends helping her, and she would soon meet another. She was strong, and she would restore balance. But it would take a while, he had to wait.


"You sure you want to leave?" The girl asked "it is quite nice here" "I have to Monjul,I need to help my friends" Thyra said while looking for any guards, nope. Thyra took out the key and unlocked the door, and stepped out. She walked toward the exit, thinking that this would be much easier than expected. "Bye" the two Monjuls said as they closed the cell door. Thyra walked out, thinking if she could find where they were without being caught, if they were here. "This is truly the best idea yet" a voice that Thyra recognized as Kol, "they will steal the dagger for us then we will get on with our work, they will be helping us. We don't have to do the hard part, the rest will be smooth sailing." He said "if they finish the task of course." Thyra sneezed, she heard footsteps coming to the door, she ran. The place was a maze, and Thyra ran hoping that she wouldn't get lost. Eventually after running for so long she finally reached the exit and ran into the garden, it turned out to be another maze. A hundred guards were after her and she prayed to Thor she would get out of this alive. A dead end. The guards caught up with her, and there were two choices Thyra could make, surrender, or jump off the cliff behind her. "Well, well, well" Kol said as he walked toward Thyra "long time no see, well I finally got you" Thyra felt like punching him in the nose, but there were a hundred soldiers, armed with swords and axes, punching him wasn't going to be a good idea. "Give up" he said "give up and this would be easier for all of us. After all, you already have no other choice." "I'd rather die fighting than give up now" Thyra said. "Oh, isn't five years enough. I gave you a reasonable amount of time and you want more? I never knew you could be so greedy" Kol said. "Oh well, doesn't matter. GUARDS!!!!" He yelled. Thyra wasn't going to give up, no, she wouldn't allow it. She would probably still die, but at least he won't have it his way. And with that she turned around and jumped off the cliff.

Ondotte and Glum set out around dawn. The moon was full, all was quiet. "I don't know" Glum said when he got into their little boat. "It seems risky, couldn't we use a dragon instead?" "They didn't allow me to borrow one" Ondotte said and began rowing. Glum helped her, he tried to look heroic and impress Ondotte but he was failing, like every other guy she met. He kept glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one was following, he also had a worried look in his eyes that most heroes hardly ever have. When they reached the island the place was heavily guarded, but you wouldn't actually see anybody through all the fog. "Someone is guarding that door too" Ondotte murmured to herself. "How can you see through all the fog?" Glum asked. "The witch gave me a potion, so I can see....nobody's guarding that door over there, we could sneak in through there." She said.

Thyra felt she was going to die. The falling never seemed to end. Would she die before hitting the ground? Now THAT would be pathetic, she would live until she hit the floor. A real viking would do that, and they wouldn't be afraid of death either. Still she felt terrified, how was it going to feel like hitting the ground. Thyra would never truly know how it would feel, for a dragon swooped down and grabbed her ankle just before she could hit the ground. The dragon flew up, all the way into the clouds and threw Thyra in the air. She started screaming but the dragon caught her and she ended up sitting on it's back. Thyra breathed heavily, trying to take it all in. She jumped off a cliff but a dragon caught her, flew up into the air, dropped her and caught her again and now she was riding on his back, cool. The dragon landed next to a waterfall. Thyra stared at the waterfall in amazement, the color was purple, and looked a little like blood instead of water, the trees around them were huge, this place was beautiful. The dragon walked up to her. "Thank you," Thyra said. She looked at the dragon and gasped. It was a night fury.


Thyra only saw one night fury in her entire life, back on Berk. It was playing with a scrawny boy that was missing a leg, along with a girl that had blonde hair, a blue shirt and a skirt with spikes on it. At the time Thyra thought that night furies were extinct, and the blonde girl was with him because he had a night fury. But now there was probably another reason why she was hanging out with him. "Why did you save me?" Thyra asked. It was a stupid question because dragons can't talk, unless he spoke that strange talk all the other dragons used to communicate, but it didn't matter because she could even speak their language so the Thyra and the night fury had no way of communicating. "Do you know where my friends are?" Thyra said. The dragon shook his head. "Well, they are probably stealing something right now, do you by any chance know what they are going to steal" Thyra knew this was useless, but they were stealing something, she knew it. They were always stealing. Something that Kol had said struck her thoughts "they will steal the dagger." What dagger? She looked at the night fury, it had a blank expression on his face, he obviously didn't know what was going on. "Do you know anything about the dagger?" Thyra felt really stupid when she said this. How could a dragon know what she was talking about. The night fury nodded his head for the first time since they met. Hope welled up inside Thyra and she smiled the biggest smile she ever smiled.

The cave smelled damp. Thyra looked around. This was where that mysterious dagger was? "How could this be the place?" She asked the night fury. "Because this is where he was killed." Thyra turned around, was someone with them? She didn't see anybody, so who said that? She thought it was her imagination and tried to put it to aside. "My father" the voice said again. The voice was smooth, and sounded soft, Thyra could hardly hear her. "Who are you?" The voice said again. "I'm Thyra, who are YOU?" Thyra said. "People call me the father-killer, definitely a stupid name to call someone, but they never were bright." "Well then, did you have another name, you know before they called you father-killer." The voice sighed "It has been such a long time I hardly remember anything, but I think my name, I am sorry but i don't remember." "Could I see you?" Thyra asked hopefully. The woman was rather beautiful, she had auburn hair and pale skin and green eyes. "Wow" Thyra breathed.

"Are you saying that she escaped" the witch asked. "Well, she jumped off a cliff... however we didn't find her body yet, she could have lived." Kol and the witch were in a small, dusty room. The witch looked much older "time is running out" she said.

Thyra stared at the woman for a long time, "do you know where a dagger is?" Thyra said finally. "Oh yes I do" she said "but I can't give it to you." The woman pulled a dagger from her pocket "you must prove yourself worthy." "How do I do that?" Thyra asked. "You must steal an emerald necklace from the chief of the berserk tribe." "No! I can't do that, he's crazy.... I will die!" Thyra protested.

Ondotte and Glum walked down the narrow corridors "where are all the guards?" Glum asked. "Stop" Ondotte took a small bottle and opened it. The wooden dragons that had been on the wall started breathing fire. "How?" Glum asked. Ondotte smiled and did some flips and cartwheels to avoid the fire, when she reached the end she pulled a lever and the dragons stopped. Glum walked over to Ondotte in amazement "wow" he said. As they walked up the stairs Ondotte could feel Glum's eyes on her. When they got to the top there was a door. Glum reached for the handle and opened the door. "Hello." A girl with a mohawk and rings all around her body was sitting in a room on a chair, she was dressed in black and had black lips and Glum felt a little like puking at the sight of her. "You know the dagger isn't here" she said. "Then where is it?" "If I were you I wouldn't come back" she said.

Thyra left the cave and set out for the Berserk islands after a while. She thought it was a suicide mission, she was right. When she got there she hid her night fury in the woods and tried to find the chief's house. She walked along the trees knowing that she would die. Eventually the berserkers came out for their sacrifice and Thyra saw the chief come out of a house and when she was sure no one was watching she entered the house. Thyra looked around to see nothing that looked like what she needed. "Hold on I forgot something" a voice said. Thyra froze, she looked around for any place to hide, but before that happened, a big pair of hands grabbed her.


Thyra awoke tied in chains. She looked around, Berserkers were everywhere. "Who are you, what do you want?" The chief asked. "I'm am Thyra and I was looking for an emerald necklace" Thyra said. The chief laughed, "I don't have an emerald necklace, why would I have that?" He asked. Thyra was silent, she had been tricked, and now she was going to die. "Please don't kill me!! I'm only eleven" Thyra pleaded. "Can you swim?" "no" Thyra said, then she regretted it. They picked her up and carried her towards the ocean. She screamed "no!" But they wouldn't listen, after all, they were Berserkers. Thyra closed her eyes as they dropped her, she felt the water wash over her body. She felt something grab her leg and she was pulled down into the deep black ocean.

Olegushka looked out. The ocean was big and dark; he wondered what would happen if the air bubble he was in burst, well, he would die. No matter how many ocean friends he had in the ocean to help him he was still old, too old. He rubbed his bald scalp and thought. “You know Rey,” he said to his best friend, a bright orange fish. “It isn’t fun being five thousand years old. I would like to die now.” Oh, how he wished to die. If only… but no, he was trapped in this blasted bubble with no one but fish to talk to. He laughed, remembering when he was first trapped in the bubble. He walked over to a small drawer and opened it. In the drawer was a scroll that Olegushka looked at so often. The scroll said that when he learned his lesson, a girl with the name of a god would free him and he would die. At first he wanted to never meet this girl, but as he grew older his mind changed and he realized that it wasn’t so fun living forever. “The name of the god…” he whispered. Who could that be? He started humming a tune that he long forgot. The girl that would save him would know the tune. “The name that means god” Rey said. “I know someone who has the name of the god…” “Really? Who is it?” The fish stared at him. “Go, study” he finally said. Olegushka sighed and walked over to his study room.

Wait, it said that Thyra means god... “Is it Thyra?” “Yes” the fish said. “Thyra… someone!!! Find this girl, Thyra…” “Sir” a sword fish said from the window “we know not how she looks, and plus there are millions of girls name Thyra…” “Don’t think like that. Think positive.” “Ah-hem, sorry to bother you but we found a girl… Just floating in the ocean!” Olegushka smiled, “bring her in!”

“You sure it’s supposed to be Thyra, Astrid means god, and beauty. It’s perfect, and what about Alfdis?” “Very true, but there’s something about the name Thyra that speaks to me… the girl is Thyra, I’m sure about it now. There’s also something about this girl right here… she could be the one” “now don’t jump to conclusions here, you’ve only just seen her.” “I know that. However it just seems weird, she was floating around in the ocean and came to me. I think its destiny.” Thyra listened to their conversation from her room. She wondered what they were talking about. They came into Thyra’s room; Thyra got a chance to look at them for the first time. She gasped. The man was OLD. While the other man was… an octopus. “AAAAAAAAAHH!!!” Thyra screamed. “SHHH, honey don’t worry, it’s going to be okay” “I’m hallucinating!” Thyra ran out of the room but the octopus used one of its arms to grab her and pull her back. “It’s okay” the old man said, “This is Paul” “Paul? What kind of octopus is named Paul?” “I am” the octopus squeezed Thyra tighter. “Stop” Thyra breathed, unable to speak. Paul let go “you’re lucky I’m not a boa constrictor” he muttered under his breath. “What do you want?” Thyra turned to the old man. The man took a deep breath and said, “I need you to kill me.”

“So let me get this straight” Thyra said, “You want me to kill you because you’ve been alive for five thousand years and have been living with fish.” “And you will help kill me and break the curse. Wait.” The old man started humming a tune. “Hey I know that tune” “really?” “Yah, my mother sang it to me when I was little.” The man’s eyes widened. He walked over to a bowl and picked up something. He walked over to Thyra “here, take him.” It was a bubble with a bright orange fish inside. Thyra took the bubble and examined the fish. “This fish, how will it help me?” “To kill me, you need to go to the forbidden island and steal a jar of jam from the hideous witches, and you also need to get past the island’s monster.” “Two things: monsters and jam?” Thyra looked at him. “The monster is said to be a creature that was found on the island and the only person that can make friends with him is the guardian who is said to be very tough, yes he is the toughest guy in the world. Anyway I need the jam.” “Why jam?” “Because the jam was mixed with a special herb that will break my curse so I can die.” Thyra breathed deeply “okay, I’ll do it” she said remembering terrible the last one went. “Good, by the way my name is Olegushka” he said. “I’ll let you sleep here for the night, oh what’s your last name?” “I’m Thyra Bloodyheart Nefiro” Thyra answered proudly. “And your brother?” “How do you know I have a brother?” Thyra asked furiously. “Never mind” Olegushka said, “I have something to show you.” He led Thyra into a room.

“Wow” Thyra breathed. “It was your father’s” Olegushka smiled, remembering when he met Thyra’s father. “What’s this?” Thyra pointed to a big black book. “That was his book of names and meanings, he chose Thyra because it meant god.” Thyra flipped through the pages, there were plenty of other more beautiful names, like Astrid, but he chose Thyra. She noticed a small leather book. Olegushka noticed her looking at it and picked it up. “8, 4, 9, 7, 2. What could that be?” He asked. Thyra merely shrugged. “Well, you better go to bed, big day tomorrow.”

Thyra ran. She didn’t know why she was running, she just ran. “Wait!” She called. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She didn’t know why she was crying either. Thyra watched herself as she ran down the street crying and screaming “No! Stop!” She woke up. Thyra looked at the little orange fish, it was looking at her. The fish seemed weird; Thyra felt it would talk to her any minute now. She groaned, realizing where she was. She got up, took a bath, changed, and went down stairs for breakfast. Thyra ate little, a piece of bread and cheese, was all she ate.

Thyra looked out at the sea. It seemed so different on the surface. “There you go,” the octopus used one of his long arms to grab Thyra and dropped her on the sand. “Thank you” Thyra said. “No problem, Ms. Nefiro.” The octopus said and swam back to the dark depths of the ocean. Thyra looked around. The island was quite beautiful, lush green forests and warm weather. The ocean was greenish bluish and was crystal clear. Thyra took out the orange fish. “So, how you going to help me?” She asked. “Well, I’m going to lead you to the house, but that’s it.” The fish said bluntly. Thyra opened her eyes wide. “You… you can… talk” she stuttered. “Yes, is that abnormal for you?” “Yes.” “Oh,” the fish looed surprised, “I didn’t know that. However you have experienced talking dragons and a ghost… personally I thought you would make a big deal about it.” “Oh no!” Thyra screamed, “I forgot about Night Shadow.” “Who is Night Shadow?” The fish asked. “My night fury” Thyra said. “Oh, well let’s worry about him later,” The fish said. “All right where is the-“ Thyra stopped in mid-sentence and smiled. She jumped on the rocks that were floating in the water. “Thyra!” The fish screamed, “You’re going the wrong way!” “Who cares?” Thyra screamed. She kept jumping on the rocks. She finally bumped her head on a wall and fell into the knee-deep lake.

Thyra woke up being nagged by the orange fish. “Why did you do that!?! I mean now look what trouble you brought us!” “I don’t know why I did that, okay.” The fish was down right annoying and Thyra wished he would shut up, not that her wish came true. “ Blah blah blah, I would have an easier time guiding a bunsh of monkeys, blah blah blah.” The fish didn’t really say “blah” but to Thyra, that’s what he said. Thyra looked around, they were in a cave of some sort… Suddenly a big roar came from the dark end of the cave. The fish finally fell silent. “What was that?” Thyra asked. “Sound to me like a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus” the fish answered. “A sea-what?” There was a scuffling from one corner and a girl came out. She had brown hair and her face was awfully dirty. She was dressed in rags; a wool coat covered her shoulders like a blanket. She also had a skull as a hat. She was armed with a bow and arrow and a spear. Thyra thought the girt was about her age, probably older. “Who are you?” She asked. “Um, well I’m Thyra” said Thyra. “And I’m Rey” the orange fish said. The girl stared at them. “Who are you?” Thyra dared ask. “Vigdis” “Vigdis?” “Yup, means battle goddess, which suits me, I’m going to kill you now, if you don’t mind.” “No, that would not be fine” Rey said. He clearly did not see that she didn’t care what they thought. “Why am I always almost dying whenever I try to steal something?” Thyra murmured. “What do you mean?” Vigdis asked, lowering her spear. “I tried to steal an emerald necklace from the Berserkers, and I ended up almost drowning, but I was saved somehow.” “Hey, that’s what happened to me, but the three witches saved me and told me to guard there house so people wouldn’t get to there stupid jam.” Vigdis said. “Although I still got those Berserkers precious emerald necklace, well actually it wasn’t precious, but you know what I mean.” She pulled out a sparkling gold necklace with an emerald in the middle. A little gold dragon wrapped its body around the emerald. “Can I have that?” Thyra asked. “Tell you what, if you can set free Sugarpuff, along with myself, I will give you this necklace and a jar of jam.” Vigdis said. “Alright” Thyra said. This would be easy, considering that whatever she wanted Thyra to save was named “Sugarpuff.” “Great, let’s see Sugarpuff” Rey said. Vigdis smiled “follow me.” Thyra and Rey followed Vigdis into dark passageways and corridors; the cave seemed to be a palace, with all these halls and rooms. “I didn’t do this” Vigdis said. “I found it this way.” Thyra stared at the decorations on the wall. “This is beautiful,” Thyra whispered. “I know” Vigdis whispered back. Rey was silent for most of the trip. He looked around and never spoke a word. “Here we are,” Vigdis said. She opened a little window. Thyra looked in and gasped. “Sugarpuff… is a…Seadragonus Giganticus Max- Max” “Maximus.” Vigdis finished Thyra’s sentence. Thyra nodded, unable to speak anymore. “Can you free him?” “I don’t know.” “Try.” Thyra nodded her head and got a hairpin. She placed it in the lock, and started turning it. Vigdis waited, Thyra took a while but eventually she got it. They both heard a clicking sound and the door slowly opened. Vigdis walked in, Sugarpuff was huge. However the dragon seemed to be soothed by Vigdis. “Shhh” she whispered, “It’s okay.” Thyra walked over, Rey’s bubble in her hand. He was squirming around in the bubble; he didn’t want to see the dragon. The dragon was pink and blue, but that didn’t really make Thyra think that the dragon was harmless. “This is Sugarpuff?” Rey whispered. Vigdis nodded, “Here,” she handed Thyra the necklace. “The jam is still inside.” “Why jam?” Thyra didn’t get why they put the antidote in jam. “I don’t know; come on.” Vigdis ran down the halls, Thyra struggled to catch up. When she finally caught up to Vigdis she was out of breath. “Come on” Vigdis whispered. “Can I ask a question?” Thyra whispered. “What?” Vigdis asked. “Where is the jam?” “I don’t know exactly, but I think they keep it in a big pot, and I know where that is.” “A pot?” “Yes.” Vigdis started walking away, “hey wait up!” Thyra screamed.

The house was old and not very big. However, there were three rooms, one with the beds and the clothing, the second Thyra never got a chance to see, mainly because they heard voices in there that Vigdis recognized as the witches. The third room, had billions of pots, each one with something sticky and gooey inside. “They’re all filled with jam,” Thyra whispered. “I know, but which one is the one that you need?” Vigdis whispered. “How am I supposed to know? I’m just doing a favor for an old guy!” Thyra whispered. Vigdis checked another pot, not knowing what to look for. “Were doomed,” Rey groaned. “Shut up” Thyra whispered to Rey. Honestly, all the jam smelled bad and had flavors like “pigfeet” or “rotten eggs.” Thyra took a deep breath, she would find it. She took a few steps forward before her nose was filled with the smell of peaches. “Hey, I think I found what were looking for” she said. Vigdis walked over with a jar. She took some of it, and mixed the rest around trying to make it look as though nobody even touched it. “Hey! What are ya doin with me jam?” A voice said from behind them.

“I was hoping to avoid this.” Vigdis said. She turned around. Thyra did the same. The two girls both tried to act as innocent as possible. “Nothing ma’am” Thyra said as girly and innocent as possible. “Vigdis” the lady said. The lady was old, Thyra saw many old women before, but this one was different. Thyra couldn’t put her finger on it, but there was something terribly different about her. “She’s a witch,” Vigdis said. So that was one of the witches. How will she get out of this one, easy, lie. “My mommy is waiting for me on the shore with five thousand men. They’re going to kill you if you don’t let us go.” Thyra said. “Oh, is dat true? Well then, I guess I’m going to have to let you go, little girl.” The witch smiled, she knew Thyrs was lying. “I have te let ya go” the old lady grabbed Thyra’s ear, and Vigdis’s arm. “I’ll bing ya out to ya mommy” she said. A loud roar came from the distance and the woman dropped the two girls. Sugarpuff. Sugarpuff swallowed the lady in one bite. Vigdis climbed onto the dragon’s claws. Thyra did the same. The massive dragon lifted them up and onto his back. He walked over to the shore, “so, nice meeting you” Thyra said. “Nice meeting you too. Oh, and thanks for freeing Sugarpuff.” Vigdis said. The dragon picked Thyra up and dropped her on the shore. He took off into the sky with Vigdis on his back. Thyra smiled, she whistled and the Paul came up.

“Here you go” Thyra handed the jar to Olegushka. His face brightened. “He took the jar, and ate the jam. At first nothing happened, but then he started glowing, he burst into flames but the flames didn’t seem to hurt him. “Thank you” he whispered. Then, he was gone.

“So, is that it?” Thyra asked. “Yup, now lets get that night fury of yours.” Rey said. Thyra smiled. She put Rey in her pack and continued climbing the mountain. “You sure this is the easiest way to get to the lady?” Thyra asked. “Yup” Rey said from inside the pack. Thyra sighed; it took her at least an hour to climb the mountain. Once she got to the top she found she had to climb down. Thyra slipped and fell off half way down, luckily she landed in a bush and only got a few scratches from the few thorns in the bush. She then climbed the waterfall so she could get to the hole in hidden behind the waterfall.

“I got it” Thyra said. The lady smiled. “Finna” she said. “What?” Thyra asked. “My name was Finna.” The girl said. “Oh,” Thyra said “well here.” She handed the necklace to Finna. Finna inspected the necklace. “Keep it, you’ve proved yourself worthy.” Finna handed Thyra the dagger and necklace. “Oh, and by the way, can you help me get my dragon back?” Finna smiled, put two fingers in her mouth, and whistled. The night fury flew into the cave. “How’d you do that?” Thyra asked. “I’m a ghost,” Finna said. Thyra stood there; once again her life had become weird. She shrugged and climbed onto Night Shadow. “Goodbye” Rey said and swam to Finna. “What do you mean goodbye?” Thyra asked. “I have to stay with Finna.” Rey said. “Oh,” Thyra looked down. Then the night fury took off.

“Maybe we should listen to the creepy girl,” Glum said. “No,” Ondotte whispered back. They walked along the long corridors. They walked to a red door. The door had a decoration, roses entwined together and in the middle, a girl with short blonde hair sat there, staring at the roses. The girl reminded glum of Thyra, but why would they put a picture of Thyra on their door? “Such a big, fancy design for a door” Ondotte whispered. Glum opened the door and walked in. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” Ondotte and Glum screamed. “Shut up, where is the dagger?” “We don’t have it!” “What!” Glum stared at the blob on the ground, Ondotte stood next to him, doing all of the talking while he stared. “What is that?” He finally managed to ask. “That,” the queen said “is my other half. And I needed that dagger to save her, now, since you failed, you will die.”

“Where do I go?” Thyra whispered to herself. “They are having a hanging over in the courtyard,” a voice said. Thyra spun around, “how’s there?” She screamed. A boy came out of the shadows. He looked about Ondotte’s age, and strangely, a lot like Ondotte. The boy smiled, revealing his perfectly white teeth. “Who are you?” Thyra asked. “My codename is Falcon, you may call me that” he said. “Where is the courtyard?” Thyra was still unsure whether she should trust him or not, but she needed to find Ondotte and Glum, fast. “Follow this hallway, it will lead you to a door that has blue lily’s on it. That’s where they are.” “How do you know I’m looking for someone?” “That,” he took out his knife and checked if it was sharp enough, “is a secret.” He handed the knife to her. “I already have a dagger, I don’t need it…” Thyra began, “trust me, you’ll need it” the boy said. Thyra reluctantly took it, still unsure of him. “What was your name, your real name, not your codename.” The boy stared at her; the expression on his face was unreadable. “Well, don’t tell me you only have a codename, everybody has a name.” “My name,” the boy looked sad for a second “I try to forget my name, try to forget the past…” He paused, and ran away. A paper fell from his pocket. 8, 4, 9, 7, 2. What was with those numbers? She tucked the paper in her pocket and ran towards the courtyard.

Ondotte looked around. The courtyard was rather big. The rope around her neck was scratchy, she wondered if her brother felt this way when he died. Itchy. Ondotte looked at Glum, Glum looked at her. She looked away. She stared at her feet. She was growing impatient. Just hang us already! She thought. Her brother kept racing into her mind. He gave himself a little nickname, but she couldn’t remember what it was. It was some kind of bird… “WAIT!” A voice echoed. Ondotte looked up. Thyra. Thyra, holding… A dagger.


Falcon stared at the girl. She was mighty brave for a kid. Brave, and stupid, she knew what was coming, so why did she bother? In a way, he was glad. Glad that she was sacrificing herself for others. He normally wouldn’t care for others. Let them die. They chose their fate. But this time he didn’t want the two to die. He stared wondering what would happen next. “I have it,” Thyra said. The queen walked to the eleven year old, who was desperately trying to look brave. “Thank you.” Falcon heard the fat woman say. “You!” A voice from behind Falcon screamed. He spun around. Kol. “What do you want, your majesty?” Falcon asked. “Go back to your room, you’re not wanted here.” “Oh, sorry, your majesty…”

Thyra stared at the queen. Waiting for her next move. She felt hands grab her arms and forced the dagger out of her hand. It was a strange moment, being carried away, not knowing by who, staring at that horrible, horrible, woman. She didn’t even bother looking at Glum or Ondotte. They would be okay.

She was led onto a boat, then a man came. He was heavily tattooed and had a long, dark red beard. One eye was blue, and the other one was yellow. There was something on his neck. 8 4 9 7 2. He put a blindfold on her. The numbers, what was up with them?

Irontoe picked the girl up. She was light and looked like her father. “Where do I put her boss?” He asked Kol. “Put her in the rock prison.” Kol said. Irontoe obeyed and opened the door to the cell. He laid her down. She was asleep; she looked so innocent. “Kol, you’re evil.” He whispered to himself, making sure Kol didn’t hear. He got out, and closed the door. Irontoe ran to his dormitory to tell Falcon. He’d know what to do; he always knows what to do.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Thyra opened her eyes. She was in a cell. Well, of course they would do this to her. What did she expect them to do? Play hide and seek with her? No. Bang! Bang! Tears formed in her eyes. Bang! Bang! She wouldn’t see her twelfth birthday. Bang! Bang! “What?!?” Thyra screamed. “Thyra!” A vice she recognized as Falcon’s said, “move away from the door!” “Okay” Thyra crawled to the other side of the cell. BOOM!!! The door exploded. “Wow” Thyra gasped. Falcon stood at the doorway. He smiled. Next to him was the man with the numbers on his neck. “Come on” he said, holding out his hand. Thyra grabbed the tattooed hand and he lifted her up, off the ground. The warm air surprised her since the air in cell was damp and cold. “Follow us” Falcon said to Thyra. “Ok,” Thyra felt she could trust Falcon; he seemed really nice, like Ondotte. He was a lot like Ondotte, a lot. “Who are you?” She whispered mostly to herself.

“The little brat just gave herself away!” The queen danced around the room happily. “She’s right in our hands!” She practically screamed. “Uh huh, great” Kol sat at the table. At first he was glad, but now he was having second thoughts. Did he really want to do this? BOOM! Yes, yes he did. He got up and looked out the window, “that little-” he was interrupted by piercing screams. The dragons, they were making the screams. He grumbled as he fed the dragons fish so they would stop.

“What are we going to do?” Ondotte asked Glum. “No idea.” They were trapped in the cellar, the castle was falling apart, smoke filled the air, and they couldn’t out. Glum started coughing. He needed fresh air. Ondotte was trying to say something but he couldn’t hear her. She looked like she was choking on the smoke. What was going on? What happened to Thyra? BOOM!!! Another explosion. “Over here!” He heard someone say. He glanced at Ondotte. She looked like she was about to cry, strange. The silhouette of a thin, small body appeared. Thyra. “Come on!” She screamed. Glum obeyed, so did Ondotte. She led Ondotte and Glum out of the palace, which was easy since she blew up a wall on the other end of the room. Once they were outside Glum stopped coughing and gasped for the fresh air. Thyra looked a little different, but he didn’t know why. She looked a little menacing, her face was covered with ash, her hair was a tangled mess, and her clothes were muddy. But her expression, the way she looked out at the burning fields, she looked like a little she-devil. “Run.” She said. Glum didn’t need encouraging, he ran.

They were a long ways away from the palace. Thyra actually thought they would make it; then again Kol still had the dagger, the witch, the queen…

“Well, well, well.” Thyra turned. Kol. “What do want Kol?” “Why, I just want to see my little sister again.” He answered. Everybody turned towards Kol and Thyra. “What?” Glum whispered. “Kol’s my brother.” Thyra said, her voice a little shaky.

Silence. It was silent for a few moments. Everybody stared at the brother and sister. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” A voice screamed. The witch ran towards Thyra, dagger in hand. It happened so fast even Kol was surprised. One second ago Thyra stood there staring at her brother, the next she was on the ground, hand on her stomach, bleeding. The witch started to lick some of the blood off the knife, the queen walked over. She took the knife and licked the remaining blood. Everybody watched in horror as the fat lady that used to be the queen and the old lady merged into one body. A young woman, with curly blonde hair and a smooth face, her eyes were an electrifying blue. “Who are you?” Glum whispered. “I am Kadlin,” the lady said.

Ondotte rushed over to Thyra, checking the younger girl’s wound. Glum didn’t know what to do, he had two choices: check if Thyra was okay or do something really stupid. Eh, not like he had anything to live for. He took out his knife. It had two dragons circling around each other; they looked like they were fighting for a small light blue sun that was just out of their reach. “AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!” He screamed. He lunged at Kadlin aiming for her head, who barely dodged it. It left a deep gash on her cheek, though. She screamed, “You should NOT have done that!” Her hand started glowing, it got longer, and transformed into a sword. She swung her sword, and Glum dodged it. As they continued to fight the small army Kol brought with him started to come to their senses and prepared for a fight. “Wait.” Kol said, “no problem, boss,” said one of the soldiers. He put on a smile. No one was paying him any attention so he slipped back, into the trees. Kol walked toward Thyra, she was still bleeding. He knelt down. Thyra stared at him for a long time, “I hope your happy, you monster.” She managed to say.

Glum and Kadlin’s fight had intensified. Glum managed to get his hands on a sword and was proving himself quite the swordfighter. Kadlin looked a little tired out. “You are so horrible!” She screamed. “I just want to get pretty again! My own beauty is the only thing I have left, ever since my dad died. And my sister! She killed him, she ran away after she put a curse on me and our mother blamed me for father’s death and Finna’s disappearance. Even worse, when I was married and kids my own husband deceived me, cut me into two ugly, horrifying bodies! So what do you expect me to do? I had kill her...” “No, you didn’t!” “I would’ve looked horrible if I hadn’t done this, please understand.” Kadlin was at the edge of a cliff now, Glum took her sword and now she was defenseless. Glum looked at her, “you may look pretty on the outside, but inside you’re even uglier than you were in your other forms.” He gave her a small push, and down she went. He could here her screams as she fell, the cliff must’ve had a pretty long drop, because her screaming went on forever. Then silence.

“Retreat!” Kol yelled. His army retreated. “Hold on,” Ondotte got up, “you are going to help your sister, and then you’re going to jail.” “Says the thief, the one that stole Arni the Madhawk’s precious little necklace, you know he’d still pay a lot to see your head cut off, even after so many years. However, I will help Thyra, or try to at least.” Glum carried Thyra and they followed Kol. He led them to a rock. “I thought you would help her, not lead us to a rock.” Kol knelt down “look,” he pointed to a patch of moss that was on the rock. He scratched it off, revealing a bunch of numbers carved into the stone. “Um, so how does that help?” “Our dad said that if we could crack the code, the rock would open and reveal a room.” “Well what’s the code?” Glum asked. “8 4 9 7 2” Thyra murmured. “What?” Ondotte asked. “8 4 9 7 2, that’s the code!” Kol picked up a piece of coal and started circling the numbers. For a moment nothing happened. Then the rock started shaking, and opened up. Sure enough, there was a room with all kinds of medicine. “You’re going to be okay, Thyra.” Glum whispered.